WCC Time Trial #4 this Thursday Aug 24th 7:00pm

WCC Thursday TT #4

Date: Thursday, August 24th
Location: Crowsfoot
Start Time: 7:00pm (Registration 6:30pm with Kevin S). We are changing the start to 7:00pm for reduced traffic as well as to give members additional time to get to the location, warmup etc.
Estimated Finish Time: 8:00pm
Discipline: Time Trial
Culture: Race but open to all ability levels!
Approximate Distance: 13.8km

Start Location:

Crowsfoot…This course has been a longstanding WCC tradition that has been in use since the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and very fast with a slight downhill to start and uphill to challenge you at the finish.

All ability levels are welcome. Any bike type is welcome as well (no e-Bikes). People have raced on road, TT, cross/gravel, MTB’s, hand cycles etc.

There are two categories “Aero” and “Road Bike”:

Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)

No clip on aerobars, no invisible aerobars/hands draped over the tops, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet, (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine).

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars or want to use invisible aerobars / hands draped over the tops on your road bike you can participate, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.

Thanks and see you there!

Chris and Kevin


Weather is not looking the greatest for tomorrow night so far. Will keep a close on it and make the call around 12pm tomorrow.

If we are running I will aim for 27 minutes

Good morning all,
It’s looking more likely that we will be getting that storm and will need to postpone or cancel this TT. The forecast is 100% chance of rain during the TT …and the radar has it looking like a very sharp line - which means strong winds, cold and a high probability of lightning. I think it best to call it early and let people get out early in the afternoon for a ride before the storm hits.

Chris and I will discuss postponing until next week.

Stay safe everyone!

Hi all, we’re gong to postpone to next week due to the forecast. I’ll update the post.


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You will want to change the title as well…if possible…to reflect the new date.
Thx Chris.

I will target 24:30.

All that are going or interested, please indicate your expected finish time so that I may place you appropriately in the start list. I look forward to timing you in your attempt to better your times.

See you Thursday evening!!

Target 19:15

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18:59 for me if the legs are recovered by tomorrow night. :slight_smile:

Hey Kevin, put me down for 25minutes again!

Aiming for 23:50

Hi Kevin, I’m aiming for about 21:15.

Hi Kevin, I’ll target 20:00

Hi Kevin Target 22:30. See you all tomorrow

I have 2 boys coming out tonight.
Jake McLean will target 18:50
Ian will target 21:50

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I know it’s last minute… but I’m thinking if we could start at 6:30 we would miss the rain. I will be on site – so if you want to come early and do your effort to avoid the possible rain - show up and I will time you. Otherwise we will start everyone at 7:00 – or earlier if everyone is there… to try to stay out of any possible thunder showers.

See you tonight!!

I prefer a 630pm start so will aim to be there then :slight_smile:

6:30 works for me!

Where is the actual start location?