***POSTPONED to July 13th*** 3rd WCC Time Trial at Crowsfoot this Thursday July 6th

POSTPONED to July 13th

Our 3rd TT of the season is this Thursday July 13th starting at 7pm.

WCC Thursday TT #3

Date: Thursday, July 13th
Location: Crowsfoot
Start Time: 7:00pm (Registration 6:30pm with Kevin S). We are changing the start to 7:00pm for reduced traffic as well as to give members additional time to get to the location, warmup etc.
Estimated Finish Time: 8:00pm
Discipline: Time Trial
Culture: Race but open to all ability levels!
Approximate Distance: 13.8km

Start Location:

Crowsfoot…This course has been a longstanding WCC tradition that has been in use since the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and very fast with a slight downhill to start and uphill to challenge you at the finish.

All ability levels are welcome. Any bike type is welcome as well (no e-Bikes). People have raced on road, TT, cross/gravel, MTB’s, hand cycles etc.

There are two categories “Aero” and “Road Bike”:

Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)

No clip on aerobars, no invisible aerobars/hands draped over the tops, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet, (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine).

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars or want to use invisible aerobars / hands draped over the tops on your road bike you can participate, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there!

Chris and Kevin

Shoot, I can’t make this one because of a conflict with my son’s soccer game. Perhaps I’ll put in a time during the day (albeit in different conditions).

Keep an eye on this post…we may postpone If the predicted T-storms show up. I will be making the call by mid-afternoon at the latest.


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Is there somewhere I can park my car?

Parking is allowed on the first side road North East of the start line. The Sideroad is called Cox Creek Sideroad…it’s about 1km from the turn on to Crowsfoot.
Please watch this post for whether we postpone until next week. The weather is not looking good at the moment and I’d rather not be standing in the rain tomorrow. I’ll be making the call around noon tomorrow.

Also, please give me an approximate time you expect for your TT.

Thank you all,

Thanks for the directions!
I’m probably the slowest one. My TT last week in Badenoch was 25km/h (same distance). No aero.
But I might try my new clip-on aero bars this week (or next week depending on weather.)

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Hi Kevin, put me down for 25minutes. Thanks!

Good afternoon everyone,
I am postponing this TT for next Thursday. The storm system coming into the region looks pretty ugly and with the possibility of Thunderstorms it’s better to err on the side of caution.

If Chris (or another moderator) could change the ride status to postponed and change the date to July 13th please.

Thank you all,

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Updated see you next week!

The title should be revised to say TT Thursday July 13th, 7:00pm.

For interested individuals, please mark yourself as going and post an expected finish time so that I can seed riders appropriately in the start list. Hope to see a good group out this week, and for lovely weather.

Ride safe everyone!
Kevin Scheerer - Commissaire


Event dates updated to not show as expired. Please indicate if you’re planning on going. :smile:

Kevin I’m just back from two weeks holidays with light riding so I don’t think I’ll be as quick as last time. I’ll shoot for 19:15


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I’ll try for 25 minutes again Kevin!

This will be my first attempt so lets start with 29 minutes and see what happens :blush:

Haven’t done this TT before. Can you put me down for 25 minutes?

Never done any TT before so I’m not too sure what to expect. This distance typically takes me 35 minutes or more. I’ll try my damnedest to do it in 30 but I might have to stop and puke lol.

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Also FYI Sawmill Road was closed due to construction between Ebycrest Rd and St Charles St when I went out that way on Friday. So you might get :rooster: blocked if approaching from the south. And this caused some extra traffic on St Charles St.

@carlsberg Thank you for the heads up… but that section of road was closed last month as well. I don’t believe it create any extra traffic on Crowsfoot, at least not that I recall. It should be fine this week as well.
@Adriel, @carlsberg, @Belletreise – welcome to the pain cave. :wink: You’ll do fine… just remember this is for YOUR benefit, to see where your fitness is. The first time is always painful, but it’s a good baseline for where your fitness level is at. It’s also a great learning tool. You may be quite surprised at what you can do.
@jnet, @Ryans, @EricR, @Belletreise please mark yourself as going if you’re still planning on coming. Also, anyone else who wishes to ride the race of truth, please indicate that you’re going and post your estimated finish time so I can prepare the start lists.

Thank you all and fingers crossed the weather cooperates this week.

Hi Kevin,
I’m still tentative because I’m still in knee surgery recovery phase and dealing with a flare up. It’s a game time decision for me. Sorry for the non-answer. :pray::upside_down_face:
(35-40 mins for me)

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I will target 25min. See you there.

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Put me down for 19:30 as it’s my first time trying this out. I’m targeting 19m which might be a slight stretch.