2023 First WCC TT Thursday May 4th - Back at Crowsfoot!

WCC Thursday TT #1

Date: Thursday, May 4th
Location: Crowsfoot
Start Time: 7:00pm (Registration 6:30pm with Kevin S). We are changing the start to 7:00pm for reduced traffic as well as to give members additional time to get to the location, warmup etc.
Estimated Finish Time: 8:00pm
Discipline: Time Trial
Culture: Race but open to all ability levels!
Approximate Distance: 13.8km

Start Location:

We are going back to our Crowsfoot course! This course has been a longstanding WCC tradition that has been in use since the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and very fast with a slight downhill to start and uphill to challenge you at the finish.

All ability levels are welcome. Any bike type is welcome as well (no e-Bikes). People have raced on road, TT, cross/gravel, MTB’s, hand cycles etc.

There are two categories “Aero” and “Road Bike”:

  • Aero: Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)
  • Road: No clip on aerobars, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet. (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine)

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars on your road bike you can participate, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.

Thanks and see you there!

Chris and Kevin

WCC rides are open to members only. Guests are permitted provided they have an active OCA membership. All riders must follow the rules of the Highway Traffic Act and are responsible for riding in a safe manner

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Added the event to the original post. (I think I did it properly)


For anyone who hasn’t tried before, here’s the route:

The turnaround is at the last phone pole before the stop sign:


I will hopefully be there early enough to pre-ride the course…and set my time. I would ask that anyone interested please mark as going and reply to this thread with an expected finish time. I do have some archival times, but your situation may have changed and I’d like to seed everyone as early as possible to give you an idea when your start time will be. It also gives me an idea on how many people to expect …so I can plan for appropriate start intervals.
See you Thursday evening all …weather is looking better than the last few days so come out and set your benchmark time!
Kevin S

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Hi Kevin,
I hope to ride the TT in 25 minutes.

I’m going to be on the road bike and nowhere near race shape so will hope to complete in around 19:30? :slight_smile:

I believe Lorie is also racing, I’m guessing she’ll be around 20:00…


Hi Kevin, I estimate I’ll finish around 21:30.


Gonna guess 24 minutes, have no real idea where I’m at though.

Hi Kevin,
Will aim for 19:30 in the road category.

I’d love to but I currently have my gravel tires set up tubeless on and no usable second wheel set yet and don’t have the time to change them out for my road tires! I can’t ask the wife to buy anymore bikes at this point :slight_smile:

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Do it on your gravel tires and just run higher psi :slight_smile:

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The aero loss makes me shudder. How many watts lost Chris?

Depends on your current road tire but probably around 20 watts total? Really though it’s just an excuse to do an FTP test in the end haha :slight_smile:

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Also our KWCA friends are also welcome. :slight_smile:

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20 watts!!! I’m not sure my ego can handle this. We’ll see tho. I don’t have a ton of bonus points right now with all the time away this weekend for the P2A. Next one for sure though.

Thanks Chris, I’ve let the kids know.

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@Bopper Ronan Mantle is going to show, he was at 22 mins last year I believe. But he is experiencing the opposite of most of us here and is bigger stronger and faster. I’d know 30secs off his expected time (pure guess)

We’ll keep an eye on weather…if it’s utter crap we’ll look at postponing a week. :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping to make it out, depending on weather.
Not sure on time with my Cd being similar to a brick, but I’ll aim for 22:00!

Thanks @bike_daniells …will you and Devin show up on the tandem as well? LoL…you can always tell him he has to do it with you…just like P2A. :rofl::rofl:

Thanks for telling me about Ronan. I’ll put him on the list.

Thank you everyone else for your times, much appreciated.
To anyone else interested, please show up by 6:30 and we will get you in. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.