First WCC TT - Thursday July 15th, 6:30pm, Crowsfoot course!

Hi everyone,

Our first club TT of the season will be Thursday July 15th!

All abilities and bike types are welcome. We have two categories…road bike (Merckx) and aero.

Aero is anything goes…Triathlon or UCI legal bikes welcome. No position or fit requirements.

Merckx is as follows: (If you have any of the following you’ll be entered in the aero category)

  • No rear TT disc wheel (deep wheels are fine)
  • No clip on aerobars
  • No TT specific helmet

We have many different types of bikes out to the TT’s…full aero TT bikes, track bikes, recumbents, CX and MTB and of course road bikes.

The course is a long-standing WCC tradition that has been in use since at least the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and fast.

Please arrive to register at 6:00-6:15 and be prepared to race at 6:30pm.

Kevin our timer (and UCI commie!) will outline requirements for the event from a COVID safety perspective.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


hi Chris,
do you have a link to the course?

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Hi Martin,
Here is the link to the Strava Segment for the course:

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Is there any need to pre register as there was last year or can we just show up?

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Hi Kevin,

This is Sammy and I would like to know if I were to use my normal road bike for this TT, this falls into road bike(Merckx) category and not aero ?
On Strava WCC Time Trial Ride segment, how do they differentiate between road bike(Merckx) and aero. There is no way of knowing two different categories.
This is not really important factor for me but for some it might be.



Kevin times the TT and also captures if you’re in the road bike or aero category during registration. He tabulates and posts the results after the event.


There will be registration, just getting the link setup. (Will post it here)


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thanks Chris,


Good afternoon all,
We are looking forward to a safe and fast evening of racing.

With the COVID restrictions not likely to be past Level 2, we will probably still be holding 2 sessions per evening with a maximum of 10 riders per heat… or the maximum number that provincial guidelines permit. We will have pre-registration as we did last year and I will seed people fastest to slowest to prevent or limit any catching… which prevents people from worrying about the 3m rule (which is the provincial mandate when exercising).
I will ask everyone to wear masks until they are about to start their ride… you don’t require it while riding, but all other times you must wear your mask. I also ask that there is no congregating after your ride is completed. Grab your gear and leave the area immediately. I will post the times after the event is over. This will also allow for a quick turnover of races without any overlap.
Chris is working on posting the sign-up form/link… if we need to, we will shorten the start intervals and decrease the amount of time between races to allow for 3 heats if needed… so please sign-up and once the time-slots fill we will keep a waiting list. If we get 5 or more people on a wait-list I think we can probably squeeze in another heat… going with 45 minutes between start times. However, in order to do that it is imperative that there is ZERO gathering after your heat. Leave the start/finish immediately. If you wish to chat - please do so at the car parking area up the road, or head out on a cool-down ride together… but please no loitering at the start/finish.

Thank you all for you cooperation and I look forward to putting my OCA Commissaire duties to good use (NOT UCI as Chris suggested. :wink: LOL)

See you in 3 weeks!!
Kevin (The One Good Leg Wonder)


Ha oops! Yes OCA thanks. :slight_smile:


Wow! I’m excited, finally a TT race. Any update about sign up link?

Just waiting till closer to the date to see what kind of limits we’ll have on number of participants.


I am want to ride for sure. Just don’t want to miss the signup link.

The link will be posted here. (I’ll also post on the WCC FB page) Excited to start the events! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Signup is live, it’s in the ride planning/signup category, or just click here:

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I am excited for this one, better get the tt bike oiled up.

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6:30 wave is full!

Still lots of room at 7:30, space for 8 riders as of right now.

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Hi Kevin

Looking to sign up for the 19:30 slot but don’t have access to the link, I am not a member?


I renewed my WCC membership today, but I think I’m having the same problem as Adam. I can’t find the TT sign up.


Hi Gwyneth - it’s a manual process to add people to the members-only sections of the forum, give us a bit of time and you’ll get it.