Say July 22 Rec Gravel Ride follow up

Today we had a really nice ride to and around Elmira. Our bakery stop was mouth watering. @Bikedawn wasn’t kidding about the date cookies!

“Imagine a date square and an oatmeal cookie had a baby”, was exactly what they tasted like. Lol

@bill met us at Bonnie Lou’s Cafe and was able to share some of Dawn’s treats.

@barbara joined us at the last minute. Barb had her new Garmin and was eventually able to use it to follow the route. :partying_face:

I unfortunately, but mostly fortunately, ended up getting a flat tire. Thankfully, this was just when we were turning off Arthur St onto King N, so we had a safe and quiet place to work.

Thankfully we had Bill to guide us on the repair. The replacement tube I had was the right size, BUT it did not have the right stem. :pleading_face:. Thanks to Bill for letting me use his spare tube. A replacement is on the way.

Also kudo’s to Black Arrow Cycles as the tire stem was placed at the writing on the tire. That helped us locate the steel “pin” that was sticking into the rubber tire.

I’m glad to have been riding in a group and not on my own. But now that I’ve changed a flat, I would feel more confident fixing the next flat tire if and when that happens.

Pictures below to explain.


I forgot to add this picture of @dawn and I enjoying our baby snack!

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Some more pictures from our impromptu flat tire lesson.

And the date pie was delicious :yum:

Our speed today was 19 kph and official ride was 42.6 km