Thursday, August 3 Rec Gravel Ride follow up

Hey everyone, just following up on our Rec Gravel Ride on Thursday night. We went about 32 km at an average speed just over 19 km an hour.
As usual, the scenery was absolutely beautiful, the weather was ideal, and you would never have known it was 29° C out.

Thank you to @bill and @Bikedawn for the ride choice.

Thank you to @barbara and @carlsberg for joining the ride.

I changed my pedals so I am clipping in from now on. I used to use clips, but because I was only doing local riding around town, it didn’t really make sense to have them, plus I had a nasty fall at a stoplight with a bunch of university students around me.

Now that I’m riding on country roads and not stopping as much, I really feel the clips helped me last night.

Here are a few pictures from last night, Dawn and I saw a Beaver on the pond near Saint Jacobs when we were heading home. I took a picture of that, and if you zoom in you can actually see it.