Thurs Rec Gravel ride follow up - July 13

The Rec gravel riders had an awesome night tonight. We had five riders and thankfully @bill and @Bikedawn created an awesome route for us that helped us deal with the windy conditions.

When we got down to the Three Bridges, the bridge was flooded. Not everybody wanted to get wet, so we went back up the hill and took a detour over to St Jacobs and back to the start. 26km turned into 30km.

@ShawnH did go across the bridge to show us it was safe but came back again as we wanted to keep the group together. :hugs:

And @team_q did a catch and release with his bare hands! Such talent! :joy:

@barbara and @ReneH shared some conversations as they are both going to Italy in September with WCC for 2 weeks, as long as Barb can locate her e-ticket! :partying_face:

Here are a few photos as sometimes pictures say more than words. (Well more than “my” words)


I was walking my son‘s dog this morning, and I forgot to mention yesterday that we did run into the crazy dog that chased us down the road last night. We all put our mean dog voices on, and he finally left us alone. :biking_man: :dog2:

It was a great ride for sure. @ReneH did a great job holding his line keeping the dog at bay.

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