Intermediate Gravel Ride Recap for July 22, 2023

The fast group was just starting to roll out at I rolled into the parking lot. The intermediates gave the fast riders a few seconds clear the lot before the group of 10 headed out.

It was a pretty standard intermediate gravel ride. We kept a fairly tight group and worked together when riding into the breeze. The group stretched out a bit on some of the gravel. This was especially true on sideroad 17 where there was some loose gravel. We always regrouped and nobody was dropped. :grinning:

The entire group was in club kit. We stopped for a photo op in Glen Allen park. This is one of my favorite places to stop for a snack.

@KGale Took the formal group shots. So hopefully they we follow soon.

This was the end of my intermediate story for today as I headed to Bonnie Lou’s to join the Rec Gravel ride.

The group I saw back at the start location was different from what I left. It also sounds like things didn’t go quite as expected but still fun. Maybe someone could share a first hand account…