Follow up to Saturday August 12 Rec Gravel Ride

Hey everyone. We did the Montgomery Burns route today. Our start was delayed due to weather, but once we got moving, we had a fun and social ride.
Thanks to @Bikedawn and @bill for the route choice.
It was great to have some regulars like @ReneH, @barbara and @carlsberg. It was also nice that @hootmeowwoof aka Ed joined us again.

We stopped by Sunnyview bakery for some treats and drinks. I highly recommend their Whoopie pies and mini-Johns.

Here are some photos.


A little delayed but turned into a beautiful day. Great group to have out. Sunnycrest is worth the stop for whoppee pies.

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That was fun.

I really enjoy the view of the Conestoga River valley when coming into Hawksville on Geddes from the north. The sun was a bit shy, but with a little time while the group was visiting Sunnycrest…

Appropriately, there were lots of hawks around Hawksville :grinning:

The sky was awesome,