Sat July 8 Rec gravel ride follow up

Thanks @PattiDennison for the slightly later start. The local strawberries :strawberry: Dawn was able to pick are delicious.

It sounds like our late risers appreciated the extra sleep too. @carlsberg still needed to engage the hill climbing jets early to chase up down on the climb coming out of the village of St Jacobs.

The group stayed together much of the ride, but we still stopped to check in and hydrate.

We were back to Lost Arce for our “nutrition” break :grinning:. The scenery around West Montrose is so beautiful. Today we went down Jiggs Hallow. It is one of my favorites.

If you squint you might be able to see the covered bridge in the back of this one,

The hills on Jiggs Hallow caused us to string out a bit, but we regrouped at the top of the last hill.

It is nice to see new members like @richkufske still finding us!

Ride with GPS said I had and moving average of 20.6 kph. It was a nice steady ride for me. Thanks everyone for making it such an enjoyable experience!


I forgot to include the Lost Arce pictures… :upside_down_face:


Thanks for posting @bill. Love the pics and the ride was amazing. A month ago I would have really struggled on this route. We are so very lucky to live in such a wonderful region with beautiful country roads in our backyard!