***UPDATE*** WCC 20km AND 40km Time Trial Sunday Aug 15th!

Hi everyone,

We are hosting our first 40km Time Trial of the season next Sunday August 15th at our Monkton course. It is a very fast and flat out and back 40km course.

Link to Strava segment: WCC 40km ITT | Strava Ride Segment in Monkton, Ontario, Canada

Google Maps: 43°35’40.6"N 81°06’02.4"W 43.594596, -81.100667

All abilities and bike types are welcome. We have two categories…road bike (Merckx) and aero.


  • Anything goes…Triathlon or UCI legal bikes welcome. No position or fit requirements.


  • No rear TT disc wheel (deep wheels are fine)
  • No clip on aerobars
  • No TT specific helmet
    (If you have any of the above you’ll be entered in the aero category)

We have many different types of bikes out to the TT’s…full aero TT bikes, track bikes, recumbents, CX and MTB and of course road bikes.

Start time is 10:00am. Please arrive to sign in at 9:30am and be prepared to race at 10:00am.

You can park on the side of the road before the start of the TT.

Kevin our timer (and OCA official) will outline requirements for the event from a COVID safety perspective.

The sign up sheet will be posted shortly

Any questions please let us know.


Here is the link to the ride post: https://forum.waterloocyclingclub.ca/t/40-km-time-trial-august-15th/1242

And here’s a link to the google sign up sheet: Google sign up sheet

I’m looking forward to this one.

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Me too, it’s going to be fun!


Type 2 fun!! :wink:

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Hi everyone,
We are also going to hold a 20km TT on Sunday as well. We’ll have the 40km group go off first and then the 20km group. There’ll be a 10km turnaround cone and a 20km turnaround cone on the course. 20km sign up sheet coming shortly!

20 km sign up here:

Are we allowed a following car? My wife and kids are coming with.

Hi Andrew,
Your wife and kids are welcome to spectate at the start/finish line (It’s out and back) but follow cars are not allowed.

Hi Kevin, Due to a change in my weekend plans I will no longer be able to make the TT. Please adjust your start list.


Thanks Joel,
I have taken you off the list. Thank you for letting us know.

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We currently have 11 riders for the 40k TT and 1 rider for the 20k TT. Plenty of space for more people to join in the “fun”. Looks to be a perfect day for a good hard TT. Come out and set your best time… show the clock and yourself what you’re made of. I will accept sign-ups until 9:00pm tonight.
Thank you and see you tomorrow morning.


A few housekeeping details to pass along:

Start time: 10:00 a.m. (Please arrive for 9:30 a.m. to sign-in and go thru the screening questions. You may then do your warm-up.)

Parking: Parking is roadside beside the bush just before the start line. (see the blue pin in pic below)

Tentative Start times:

Visitors are welcome to watch, but no follow cars on the route as the roads are open and we don’t want any accidents from inpatient drivers passing car/cyclist combinations. I will put out cones on the road at the turn-around points. Hopefully they will stay taped to the roads… but please be aware of your distances as there really are no landmarks to mark these locations. This is a straight stretch of road with no stop signs and very few landmarks. The 20 km turn around is the first side road past the town of Walton. The 10km turn around is in the middle of nowhere. :open_mouth:

Please do your best to social distance… and do not congregate at the finish line after you’re finished. I will again post times after the event.

Thank you and have a superb race all!

*Edited 22:25 pm to add
Start times are final. Although I will probably give Mr. Pippy an extra minute delay so he doesn’t catch the rider in front of him too soon.

Mr. VanSpronsen will wait an extra 6 minutes to start the 20km so the riders should all come back within 15 -20 minutes…at least that’s my plan. :grin:

Have a great race against the clock everyone. See you bright and early in the morning.


Nooo I want my rabbits :grinning: (this is Chris haha)

And yet… you caught them ALL!!! I think next time I’ll have to give you 3 minutes. :wink: LOL

Great racing today everyone… the conditions weren’t ideal (would have preferred tailwind coming back)… but you take what you’re given and do your best. You all did wonderful!!! Here are the final results:

I have great respect for you all today, that was NOT an easy home leg. I was only able to go full power on the home leg for 10 km, before the knee/leg gave up. I guess 30 km of effort is all I am able to do for now. Great day to go ride my bike - outside!

Looking forward to the next event. We’ll try to organize another one in the next week or two.
Thank you all,


Well done Kevin getting out there and riding too. Thanks so much for organizing. It was a fun ride.



Thanks Kevin and thanks all that came out. That course is perfect for a tailwind return but alas today we had to slog it back :slight_smile:

Awesome rides by everyone, it was great to be able to have our long course TT this year.



Thank you Kevin! I am glad you got to have a bit of a ride as well and lots of sunshine!


I must say that I was truly impressed by the efforts put out by everyone. Congratulations all!

Here is a link to the photos I took. As I said - no promises, but there might be a couple of gems in there.



Thanks for coming out, great pictures!