2024 Time Trial Series Schedule and Results Thread!

Hi everyone,

Our 2024 time trial series kicks off next week!

2024 Season Schedule:
May 1st
Jun 5th
Jul 3rd
Aug 7th
Sept 4th

Date: Wednesday, May 1st
Location: Streicher Line
Start Time: 7:00pm (Registration 6:30pm with Kevin S).
Estimated Finish Time: 8:00pm
Discipline: Time Trial
Culture: Open to all ability levels!
Approximate Distance: 14km

Start Location:

Streicher Line…This course is a beautiful out and back course just north of our WCC Bamberg loop. It’s mostly flat with a couple of rollers, crossing over a nice river and bridge with a safe turnaround to head back to the start.

Strava Segment

Please park on the North side of Manser road or Lichty and ride down to the start.

All ability levels are welcome. Any bike type is welcome as well (no e-Bikes). People have raced on road, TT, cross/gravel, MTB’s, hand cycles etc.

There are two categories “Aero” and “Road Bike”:

Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)

No clip on aerobars, no invisible aerobars/hands draped over the tops, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet, (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine).

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars or want to use invisible aerobars / hands draped over the tops on your road bike you can participate, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

Based on participant feedback we’ve moved the TT to Wednesday nights. We will also coordinate with Kevin Gibson to ensure we are aligning schedules with the monthly gravel TT as well. :slight_smile:

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please feel free to ask here.

Thanks and see you May 1st!

Chris and Kevin


I am responding so I get notifications of posts to this thread.
If you are interested in doing the TT, please respond with your expected finish time. That way I can seed all you racers in appropriate time slots. We start promptly at 7:00 …so come early to sign in and you can warm up on the course. I will have my signs out on course so you will know the distances to ride.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again…or for the first time. Remember this is open to everyone…it’s a service we provide for you to give you a sense of how your fitness is improving. It is a race of you against the clock. If you do the entire series you will see your gains in a matter of fact manner. We will also try to hold at least one 40km TT … Hopefully before provincials for anyone interested in testing your legs against other riders from the province. This year it is in Wainfleet area…much closer then last year in North Bay.

Your friendly neighborhood club Commissaire.


Looking forward to this, thanks Chris and Kevin for organizing!

I haven’t yet bought my membership. For participation in just these TTs, is a Community OCA membership sufficient? From the OCA’s Membership Guide, page 8, the Community membership covers “Time Trial Events: Weekly Series Events”. Would we have any regional events that are only covered by the Challenge membership or above?

Added the Strava segment in the original post and here:



I’m a likely yes. Put me down for 20:00 even.


I believe you are covered for our club TTs but Kevin should be able to confirm 100%. :slight_smile:

I’ve got 2 boys looking to get on the list. They haven’t done this course before so these are our best estimates.

Jake McLean 19:00

Ian McLean 25:00


I’d like to do this! Hopefully body cooperates that day.
Put me down for 35mins?
Thanks for organizing!


I think I’m in for May 1st. 20:30? Thanks Chris and Kevin!


Kev, put me down for 19:30 please.


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I estimate… 21:00? Thanks!

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This is not a regional TT…this is a club event. The OC licenses are good for events that are sanctioned by Ontario Cycling. Individual club TTs are not sanctioned …unless we spend the money to register. However, as a totally impromptu TT that the club puts on for members to test their fitness, it’s not worth it.
Having said that though, the OC allows clubs to allow guests to ride club events on a trial basis. The OC license is enough to let you into the event …but I’m not certain how many times we allow these trial rides per person. That is a question to the Pres ( @KGale ) or a Board member to answer. For the first TT I will take your info and if you can show me your OC license I can document your participation.

Thanks everyone for your time estimates. I’ll put together a start list the day before. You will like this course, it’s a pure TT course…only one small hill and a nice safe turn-around.

For parking, the township has offered the parking lot at the township office in Crosshill as a safer option then the side of the road. The choice is yours…the township office is on the corner in Crosshill - the little stone building. Or you could park in a back corner of either church in town.

See you all next week. Long term forecast is looking positive… temperature wise. Ride safe!



I should be good for 25:00. Thanks for organizing guys.

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Thanks Kevin. I am now a WCC member with Community OCA membership - just wanted to clarify before I signed up.


@ChrisP / Kevin,
I cannot do the TT anymore because I really should attend the learn to ride/ride leading session (missed it last year).

Btw I did get a chance to ride Streicher line yesterday and it was pretty smooth and lovely. Traffic not too bad for late rush hour (~6pm) but more than I expected. I did get tailwinds going westbound so it felt fantastic! (Anna Mae’s probably contributed to those vibes too. :pie::poultry_leg::sweat_smile:)

:crossed_fingers:hope the weather will be as great as yesterday for your TT. Cheers!


Sorry to hear that @jnet … we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

The long range forecast is looking very positive for the first TT of the season. Temperature of 22*. Winds from the SW… will be a cross headwind going out and cross tailwind coming back. I expect some very fast times.
So far we have seven riders signed up… plenty of room for more. Remember to respond to this forum post with your expected finish time so I can slot you in appropriately. Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday evening.
Ride Safe,

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Hi Kevin. Put me down for 19:45. First time on the new bike for a TT so not sure where I’m at with this but we will find out!!


Hi Kev put Lorie down for 21:30 please :slight_smile:

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I’ve never done one of these before, but I’m going to give it a try. Put me down for… 22min? Just a wild guess.