2nd WCC TT Thursday August 5th!

Hi everyone,

Weather is looking great for our second WCC TT this Thursday August 5th!

Link to the course Strava Segment: WCC Time Trial | Strava Ride Segment in Bloomingdale, ON, Canada

All abilities and bike types are welcome. We have two categories…road bike (Merckx) and aero.

*Anything goes…Triathlon or UCI legal bikes welcome. No position or fit requirements.


  • No rear TT disc wheel (deep wheels are fine)
  • No clip on aerobars
  • No TT specific helmet
    (If you have any of the above you’ll be entered in the aero category)

We have many different types of bikes out to the TT’s…full aero TT bikes, track bikes, recumbents, CX and MTB and of course road bikes.

The course is a longstanding WCC tradition that has been in use since at least the early 70’s. It is just under 14km, flat and fast.

Please arrive to register at 6:00-6:15 and be prepared to race at 6:30pm.

Kevin our timer (and OCA official) will outline requirements for the event from a COVID safety perspective.

The sign up sheet will be posted shortly

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Here is the link to sign up :slight_smile:

Forum post with link to sign up:

Direct Link to sign up:


Good evening all, I trust you all had a lovely ride today!! It was SUCH a beautiful day, it should have been enjoyed to the best of your abilities.
As for the TT on Thursday… same rules in effect as last TT.

  1. Sign up required on the above listed sign up form. Please list an approximate finish time (if you have a previous time I will use that).

  2. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early so I can check you in and do the COVID Screening.

  3. I will attempt to give you a start time before you go warm-up, but be sure to be at the start line a minimum of 5 minutes before first rider leaves so we can not have any delays in start times.

  4. Masks will be required in the start/finish area due to physical distancing issues. I know it’s outside, but we must be responsible and show the wider community that we are practicing proper protocols.

  5. Please do not congregate at finish after finishing your heat to prevent any overcrowding. I will issue results after I return home.

  6. Starts will be 1:00 apart (unless we get more than 25 riders - then it will be :30), so please be ready at the start line a minimum of 5 minutes before you’re time.

  7. Try to limit the riders lined up on the road to 5 riders. When waiting to line up on the road, please stay OFF the other side of the road… go onto the gravel of the field entrance where I park, or wait on the grass. We need to keep the other side of the road clear for motorists when we have riders lined up on the road.

If for some reason you need to cancel, please let us know so we don’t wait for you. Email me personally at pkscheerer at gmail dot com if something comes up after noon Thursday.

Thank you all for participating and I hope you have a personal best time!

Weather is looking great for PRs tomorrow night. Light SW wind, 30 degree temps. I’m thinking Chris Ernst might be resetting that record even lower tomorrow night. Might see a ride averaging over 50kmh :slight_smile:

Seventeen members signed up so far… looks to be an excellent night for a race against the clock. Plenty of space for more - come on out for a blazing good time.

I think I may hold Chris E back for an extra minute to give him a challenge. :wink:

See you tomorrow night folks!!
Kevin S

Thanks everyone for coming out, we had a great turnout and nice night to race!

And the results are in, what a fantastic night for the TT. We had MANY PR’s and great efforts all around.

Start # A SS M/F First Last Seed Time Running Time Finish # Time Placing
0:22:00 Chris Ernst 0:16:10 0:39:08 21 0:17:08 1
0:20:00 Chris Pippy 0:17:39 0:37:38 20 0:17:38 2
0:18:00 Adam Hawley 0:19:10 0:36:44 18 0:18:44 3
0:14:00 Chris Rausch 0:19:45 0:33:03 14 0:19:03 4
0:16:00 Premraj Markraj 0:19:32 0:35:46 17 0:19:46 5
0:17:00 Lorie Cochrane 0:19:20 0:36:48 19 0:19:48 6
0:15:00 Andrew Lambert 0:19:36 0:34:50 16 0:19:50 7
0:13:00 Tim Gale 0:20:30 0:33:05 15 0:20:05 8
0:12:00 Martin Chmiel 0:21:00 0:32:27 12 0:20:27 9
0:07:00 Alain Francq 0:24:00 0:28:11 6 0:21:11 10
0:06:00 Drew Molnar 0:24:00 0:27:15 4 0:21:15 11
0:11:00 Andrew VanSpronsen 0:22:40 0:32:41 13 0:21:41 12
0:10:00 Brian Legge 0:22:41 0:32:09 11 0:22:09 13
0:02:00 James Parkin 0:27:00 0:24:12 2 0:22:12 14
0:05:00 Joel Rose 0:24:40 0:27:49 5 0:22:49 15
0:00:00 Alex Bloom 0:30:00 0:23:01 1 0:23:01 16
0:09:00 Gustavo Gutierrez 0:23:30 0:32:03 10 0:23:03 17
0:08:00 Kun San (Sammy) Ryu 0:23:46 0:31:15 9 0:23:15 18
0:01:00 Patrick McKeen 0:28:30 0:24:53 3 0:23:53 19
0:04:00 Sean Ryans 0:25:30 0:28:47 8 0:24:47 20
0:03:00 Peter Passarelli 0:26:00 0:28:30 7 0:25:30 21

Fantastic work everyone and great seeing you all out there tonight.
Next event is the 40 km TT at the Moncton course. Chris will be posting this shortly, so get your big person pants on and let’s crush that course.

See you all soon,
Kevin S.

BTW - I rode the Crowsfoot course tonight - before you showed up… riding it using my left leg for power (right leg spinning on pedal - along for the ride). I was able to put down a pretty decent time - considering the challenges I face at the moment. 27 minutes is about 13 minutes faster than I was expecting. I have a LONG way to go, but it’s promising. :smiley:


Thanks again for timing Kevin and great time on one leg!

Great night all.
Kevin, thanks as always for organizing this, glad to set a PR as that was hard tonight!
Cheers, see you in a couple of weeks hopefully.

Thanks for organizing Kevin. Looking forward to the next TT.