Classic bike ride



Thanks @TommyB for organizing a really fun ride, @bdoberst for the the incredible spread ( really that was above and beyond) and my “official” photographer @Bike for the action shots!

Unfortunately the lack of pockets in the awesome jersey meant accessing a camera was a little logistically challenging so no pics from me this time. However, I have commissioned an upgrade to pockets in time for the next ride.


Perfect day for a ride, it was lots of fun and the spread at the finish was so delicious. Bikes were a beautiful!



Awesome pic!!

Id like to frame this one for the wall next to my rollers…some good winter inspiration!

Thanks @TommyB for organizing and @bdoberst for catering! And thanks to all the riders sharing photos. Great ride.

Thanks all…also note @Brian was part of our trio of making this event happen!

Lots of behind the scenes planning with @Brian , @bdoberst and I. :grinning: (Thanks guys! :+1:)


Here’s the link to flickr, should be able to download the full-size version from there if you do print it.

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Only 1 mechanical for the day! Great food. Good time


At the risk of sounding repetitive I add my thanks to Tom for organizing this event and Brent for providing an amazing spread at the end. It is interesting that for many of us the bikes we rode today were our first bikes. As often happens we decide that we outgrow what we have and acquire the new and improved. And yet here we were riding these classic machines and absolutely loving it. A great day. I had to add this shot of Alain, refuelling with his on board beer. Harkens back to the wine stops in TdFs gone by.


Hello All,

Based on the comments above (thanks @JimDaley you are SO right!) it sounds like we could use one more fun ride on our classic bikes. So, to not wait too long to satisfy that itch…the St Catherine’s Cycling Club (and in particular Toine…the tall Dutchman that joined us on Sunday) has invited us to a Vintage bike ride in his neck of the woods in and around Beamsville/Vineland with beautiful views of Lake Ontario and Toronto in the distance across the lake!

This is the link to the route: Garmin Connect

Start time: 9am SATURDAY, June 25
Distance: 50km

Meet at:
Toine Van Der Knapp’s farm
4450 Bethesda Rd
Beamsville, ON
L0R 1B2

Routes are paved, there will be no Eroica style dirt/gravel.

I will be making the trip. Post below if you are also planning to go and maybe we can set up some carpooling?

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I can’t make it but I’ve always enjoyed the roads I’ve ridden in the Niagara region. Looks like a great course.

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Not sure I will be able to make it which is too bad. I grew up in Vineland and St. Catharines CC was my first club.

Checking in for Saturday’s ride in Vineland as I’m being asked for a headcount.

@Brian @Bike @Oliver_Smith i remember you three indicating you would be interested?
@JimDaley @Francqlife @PeterR @bdoberst @TonyF @rosepedal tagging you all as you met Toine on Sunday and he is hosting the ride from his property (4 acre estate…) and will have post ride food/etc.

Maybe we can figure out a carpool situation if it works?

@TommyB unfortunately, looks like there are some family plans for the early afternoon so I don’t think I can make it. Shame since I think it would be a cool ride.

I will not be able to attend.

Thanks for the tag, but I won’t be able to make it to this ride.

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I’ll also be unable to attend as I’ll be riding in the 24hr mtn bike event this weekend. Enjoy!!

OK I have finally decided to go, but need to home by 3PM. I got room for 1 more maybe 2 more bikes if the second bike is broke down somewhat, front wheel and seat post?

cool…sent you a DM to organize. :slight_smile: