Creemore May 11 -Gravel

Any gravel riders interested in a small road trip to Creemore May 11? Looks like a fun event


Yes !

A few of us are already registered again for it this year. We’ve ridden it a couple of times on our vintage bikes. A challenge when your gearing is 50/42 on the front and 13-18 on the back.

Time to get that 10 speed bike out of the basement.


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It seems the longer rides are recommending gravel bikes. @Francqlife are you riding gravel on the vintage bikes or just doing the 20kms?

Come on guys. Vintage rules.
If I can do it every year (missed one) on my peugot then you can. Its was better after I fixed the brakes.
I do have to say that the vintage enthusiasm at this event is diminishing. Last year there were maybe 8 entries in the shine and show before the race and all but me and one other put thier steel steads back in the car and pulled out the carbon fibre before the ride began. They were surprised I was actually going to ride the peugot. But you definatley should!! Adds to the adventure.
Well-organized event. Best rest stop fare ever. Great route. Highly recommended.
I cant make it this year. :tired_face:

Also a good sponser

My bike ain’t vintage but it is steel so that will have to do. Ok if there are others going, I’ll plan to as well.

I shouldnt post pictures of people I dont know But Here is a picture of the fellow that won the bike show last year. His bike was a recent replica of one he used to race with WCC in the 1980s. I dont remember his name. Anyone recognize him? Beautiful bike in WCC colours. He did ride the full route on it.

Charcuterie rest stop 2023

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@jdparkin has not only done just about every year of Turas, including the inaugural, but he’s been to the original l’eroica in Tuscany. :it: :pinched_fingers:

Now that I am looking at the dates…I might be in Girona on a cycling trip that week. But, I know Jim, Dave G, Dave S. and maybe Doug D. and Kevin are going.

If I were to do it again…it would have to be on my Classic Peugeot once more. If you’ve been to l’eroica (which is the inspiration for Turas) there is no other way to experience it.

Me, @DrewMolnar and @Orrin where in Gaoli, Italy to watch it in 2020.

They do 200km in one day over the Strade Bianchi on these bikes.

@sholota here is the rabbit hole…if you dare want to know more about vintage bikes in our Club.


I believe the event is now sold out