Road ride history?

I’ve been wondering if there is any documented history to the evolution of our oldest road rides? Firstly, can someone remind me how old the club is? And the next thing I’m interested in is the evolution of Tuesday Bamberg, Thursday Fergus and maybe even Saturday rides. I’ve been around for a dozen years at the club, so I know some of what happened during that time. For example, 12 years ago, the Tuesday Bamberg ride was very popular. The route went all the way out to Hutchison because Greenwood Hill Rd wasn’t paved at the time. Riding on Hutchison was pretty crazy, but we did it anyway. What happened in the 30 or 40 years prior to that? How long has the club been doing Bamberg loops? Same questions for Thursdays. When did we start doing the Fergus loop and has there been any evolution of the route? (Ignore the change 2nd line to 6th line). What were the membership numbers like 40 years ago? Was it strictly a competitive club at the beginning?

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Not sure if you’ve seen it, but there is a pretty good post by one of the founding members on the website: History

Started in 1968. No details on the specific rides, but perhaps others who have been in the club for a long time might know more of the oral history.


I hope you are writing a book.

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@Roy.Conway is member 0001.

I waved at him last weekend…he’s still active.

There are many former presidents and club builders on the forum here who can tell the story.

@Brent @blakeellis
Rob Sutherland / Ron Donaldson
Chuck Hammel
Stu Connell
@tabi Glen
Alex S.
Niel H.

I had a list of all the former Presidents somewhere in the “big book” that they handed down from Prez-to-Prez. Now, it’s all oral-digital history.

I recall taking pictures of the 2011 OCA Road Race Championships when Bamberg was the race loop.


Doing a club history as a publication would be awesome. I wonder how many stories and pictures are out there :thinking:

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I am just asking for my own personal curiosity. So 1968 - 2023 is 55 years. It’s great that Roy has captured some of the story in the above link - thanks for that. I’d also be interested to hear what @Roy.Conway could tell us about the history of Tues, Thurs, Sat training rides - or whatever their focus was. Everyone one of the people Alain listed has a history or story to tell and that could be captured. A forum thread could at least gather some info together if anyone feels like typing. Some of these people could / should probably be interviewed. I’m not knowledgeable enough about cycling (racing) to even know what questions to ask. I’ve just been thinking about the Bamberg loop of late, and been wondering “how long have we been doing this?”.

The provincial championships on the Bamberg loop sounds pretty incredible. Our club would know every nook and cranny and undulation of those roads. 2011 was the year I joined. I was pretty focused on trying to stay upright on my bike.

As an aside, I met Chuck H. when I was getting my first True North. Hugh Black requested Chuck to come and see me at my house and show me his True North - which he did. Super nice of him to go to the effort and part of the reason I joined the club.


Hi Alain.
It’s coincidental that you suggest I write a book, as just a couple of days ago I revisited a blog I created back in the early 2000s. It contains links to other blogs, all work’s in progress, but unfortunately, none complete. However, you may find them interesting.

My blogs


I know the Crowsfoot TT course has been around for a loooong time. A lot of history with that course. @Francqlife @Roy.Conway do you remember when that first kicked off?

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@MikeLynch and Melissa B. (pictured below) ran it until 2010. Then it was Brian during my tenure, and then Kevin and you have kept the flame alive. I am pretty sure Rob Sutherland, Stu Connell and Neil Humphries would be able to fill in the blanks for the 10 years before that.


Found some original pics.

Looks like Roy was running the TT back in 69 !

And racing on the same roads that we ride on Thursdays.

Would also be interesting to see a history of the WCC Jersey’s.


I have no idea when the club started using the Crowsfoot course. I rode it many times but I have no record of the dates. It was probably mid-80s as I remember driving from my apartment on Albert Street, parking at the Bloomingdale school, and riding from there as a warm-up. I think Stu was President when the course was first used.
In the Club’s early days, we held 25-mile TT’s (pre-metric, if anyone can remember that far back) on Hwy 86, starting just West of #7 and turning before Elmira. There were no traffic lights or stop signs on 86 in those days and it was always very quiet in the evenings.

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