Classic bike ride

What time expexted to return? Is early 90s vintage

I will not be able to attend…still working on getting my vintage bike ready to ride.

Hey @Bike ride starts at 9am and will go until approx 11am (50km…don’t think they have a stop like we did).

Right now Brian and I are squeezing our two bikes and ourselves into my car and I can’t do 3 people/bikes. So you’ll be able to head home right after the ride or stick around if you drive?

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okay perhaps i’ll go too let’s see

Thanks for the tag. I will not be able to make this ride.

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Waking up this thread for the third annual Father’s day Vintage bike ride.

3 weeks away, it will happen (as previous years) on the morning of Father’s day (in honour and memory of my dad…and all dad’s that got us on a bike, taught us how to ride a bike, encouraged us to keep riding our bikes).

As before, we will ride out at 8:30 or 9am (tbd) and do a scenic and easy 45km so that we’re back in time to get back to our families for Father’s Day lunch.

Scroll through the older posts in this thread to get a feel for the ride and hopefully you can find a way to join us!

We will (@Brian will…) Set up the official “ride details” thread in a week or so to help us get an idea on numbers.



Awesome! I completely forgot about it! I’m there with bells on!


A highlight ride. Looking forward to it.


It’s now posted. Sign up. Bring your vintage bikes and kit and selves!
Tom and Brian


June 18,2023 Father’s Day Vintage Bike ride.
Tommy envisioned this event for honouring his and all fathers. A great turnout today, 3 riders came up from SCCC for this ride. Chef Brent rode with us and fed us again. Mmmmm
Chatter through the group was good for guys
Check out these old ride(r)s

Chef Brent feeds the hungry

Let’s do this again


Great pics, @Brian !
Thanks to you for being the “official club face” to this ride and handling the posting/organizing!

And yes, thanks to @bdoberst for the great post ride charcuterie! So good…and that “new” vintage bike is majestic!

Thanks to all that attended. This ride has a special place in my heart…it brings together friends, it brings together sweet old bikes, and it helps conjure up great memories of my Dad.

I hope you all left with new stories to add to your collection.

Thank you. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Looking forward to seeing more pics from today, and already looking forward to next year’s ride!


A few more pics! Thanks @TommyB for organizing!


The 2024 Classic bike ride is on again. Father’s Day June 16th. Set this date aside, it will be a morning ride so you can still be home for the afternoon. Nice old bikes, a pleasant road pace and friendly camaraderie.
Tom and Brian