Recommend some some "classic" road routes?

I’m looking to change things up a bit and having no sense of direction (and not knowing the area that well) I’m looking for some recommendations on great road routes to try. With so many routes in the clubs Ride with GPS library it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees!

Ideally I’m looking for routes around Waterloo (since I’m tandeming at lot at the moment which won’t fit on the rack!)

Anyone point out some classics from days past that may have fallen off the radar?

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If the wind is coming from the north, NE, or E the Middlebrook loop is always a fun ride.

Make it a bit longer out to Fergus…or even longer out to Bellwood for buttertarts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Millbrook is always fun! That is a great suggestion!


Thinking about this further…I realized last year that my favourite roads in the area all start with the letter M.

Moser Young (N–>S)
Manser (Crosshill to the bottom…or bottom to Crosshill)

Oh, and Milby (if you flip the W :grimacing:)

I’ve been playing around with a couple options for a route that links them all.

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I joined WCC in 2001 (I guess that makes me a 20-year vet!). I started as a MTB’er, but eventually got a used road bike and joined the Tuesday rides by about 2003. Some of the other vets may remember the road loops we used to ride on Tuesdays. I’ve attached a map of those routes, which are still good ones!


Nice that is exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for! I created my own loop a while ago and while it looked good on paper (and a very brief google street view) but then it turned into gravel after about a km and we then had to ride on road bikes through it for about 6 km. I got some very dirty looks from the family!

There are the classic WCC club routes: Tuesday night Bamberg, Thursday night Elora and Fergus loops, and the classic Stratford loop

The club uses ridewithGPS that should have a number of awesome routes saved including those above.

Are you on Strava?


Yep, I’m on strava too. Are there some good local routes on their too?

Bamberg is close to me so I have done variations of that. I do like the Thursday routes so maybe use some of that route .Unfortunately the Thursday start is the wrong side of town for me and I’m a bit time limited at the moment so with transit time and the length of the routes I’ll need to shorten them. Not seen the stratford loop. I’ll take a look at that!

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