Saturday Gravel ride - unofficial?

Who is in for a 2.5 to 3 hour gravel ride tomorrow? 9 am from Farmer’s Market. Please respond here if you’re going otherwise I’ll ride from home and not the Market.
Scott N
Ps. Pace would be a group 2 kinda thing. Also, please feel free to share this
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Dang toot’in.

There is a group of usual suspects heading to SJOM for 9:00. Jim, me, Drew, Thiago, Dave, etc.

Thinking the Classic 67km route out to Ana Mae’s along the G2G.

This was Jim’s idea…so there is real potential for a “sensible” New Year group pace. @Ddawdy @hugoperezcano

That said, it would be nice to have a few “faster” wheels for you to go with off the front @Scott . E.g. @Arlambert @kevrideseverything

The rest of us are sticking with Jim to burn holiday indulgences. Or perhaps form a “middle group” if there are enough people? Let’s go @JeffSShepherd @Geoff etc…


Excellent! Thanks!

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@jdaley54 and @Francqlife – I might be in (if that’s ok!), but I’ve got studded tires on now, so I’d be slow … is that what everyone else will probably be riding? Or do you all have enough bikes to be able to switch back and forth :slight_smile:


Will be there, no ice = no studs, still slow.


Tony, go on studded tires will be the equalizer I need. I wouldn’t worry about being dropped. This will not be a race.


Awesome. Meet you at 9 am at the school formerly known as SJAM! Ride #3 on the winter tires.

@TonyF SJOM is the market (St. Jacobs Outlet Mall) not SJAM the school.

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Very important detail! Thanks for catching! Yep – meet at the usual Saturday spot … See you there.

Count me in

Count me in too, see you at 9

Would anyone have the route so I can download to my Garmin in case I get dropped from the group

You won’t get dropped but give my 5 minutes and I will drop it into this post.


This route stays off the G2G which might be sloppy and or rutted. Group decision though. We can ad lib route changes as we go.

Sure, I think I should be able to make it. That would be nice.

Sounds fun, I’m in!

Coaching indoor mtb skills :frowning:

I’m glad I saw this before getting on the trainer! I would love to join the group, an outdoor ride seems like a more enjoyable option today.


15 people this morning!


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