Zwift Riding/Racing this Fall/Winter

Winter is coming and a number of you will move indoors to ride. We are starting a WCC online racing team with an aim to compete in November Zwift Racing League among other events. Note we intend to field teams for all rider levels so there is fun for everyone. ZRL races will take place Tuesday evenings. A number of you expressed an interest earlier so we are compiling a list of who is ready with also details of what else you need to do. Please add your name and complete your details if interested: WCC Zwift Rider Status


Thanks for coordinating it, Joe! I’ve entered my Zwift & ZwiftPower details in the spreadsheet.

Looking forward to racing over the Fall/Winter. Hopefully we’ll have the numbers for a few dedicated teams across the divisions.

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I’ve added my info but I don’t know my Zwiftpower number. (Not sure where I’d find that?)

This is great. Excited to participate and/or help out any way I can. It will be cool to bridge online/offline WCC and offer more off season options.

I think we have a discord channel as we used previously for group rides. Would be great to chat as we slog along.

The hope is that we have more than one team and they will be racing simultaneously. Because of that I have created a few different voice channels. Communications will be key especially on the team time trial events, you will need to talk when moving to the front and when pulling off (if you can get a breath). @Oliver_Smith has agreed to be directeur sportif for the first few team time trials as he recovers. You will hear Oliver in your ear as you ride as to who’s turn at the front, if someone drops etc.
I think there was a previous discord channel so want to make sure we don’t get the two mixed up… The newer one can be found HERE.
We will race using voice channels A, B and C (depending on team - see image).
I suspect the first TTT race on Sept 28th will be a bit of a disaster and big learning curve but a lot of fun. This will prep us well for the season starting early November.

Director Sportif will be greatly appreciated @Oliver_Smith ! TTTs are like herding cats in my experience. This will keep some structure. It’s hard to chat and plan turns at the front when you are close to empty.

I have a spreadsheet that I’ve used in the past that recommends order of the TTT, estimated power per spot and time at each position based on 20m power data. I can compile this and/or share the link

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That would be awesome @ekalvi ! I think I’ll need all the help I can get!

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