Super start to the ZRL season for WCC Teams

WCC teams are two weeks into the six week Zwift Racing League (ZRL) season. Giving our best efforts against teams/clubs from the US, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile and the equally exotic Newfoundland.

We have been able to enter 3 teams; one in the B division and two in the C division. Many members having not raced online before, it has been an exhilarating and very fulfilling experience, particularly as we are racing as a team.

The first week was a straight scratch race in London, twice up Fox Hill was a real test of endurance and certainty suited the lighter riders. Week two we headed north to the crit course in Scotland where we had a fast and furious 25 minutes of points racing. Waterloo Ones are currently top of their league of 9 while the Waterloo Two’s and Three’s are 3rd and 5th respectively in their league of 11 teams.

We have 4 more weeks of this season and WCC have certainly made their mark in the America’s South divisions. Interested in joining? We will certainly be hoping to enter more teams in season 3 that begins in January, we are hoping to field an A and D teams too. In the meantime cut your teeth by getting used to the team racing experience by joining us on Thursday nights Team Time Trials.


One more time…have to thank @joemonks. Cheerleader, Captain and behind the scenes digital wonderkind.

No one would be pushing this hard during a Zwift ride without teammates next you (virtually) going after points and trying to work together. It was everything we could do in our group to hold on to @Lcochrane and @Vegan_Coyote 's wheel going around that Crit course last night.


Definitely a great start! Thanks for all the hard work, @joemonks. We’ve had a great start with @EricR organizing the Ones in ZRLs on Tuesday and lots of fun on the Thursday TTTs as the testing ground while we try and optimize ourselves up the ranks. The TTTs are a great place to start to get to know the team before competing in ZRL races.

Zwift is a lot more fun when you ride/race with other people. Doubly so if you ride with people you know from outdoor riding. It’s very much a team sport and there is a lot of fun in the Discord voice/chat before, during, and after the race.