Winter Racing - All Levels

I am in the process of creating a registration for WCC in the World Tactical Racing League (on Zwift) with the intention of members racing as a team against other teams around the world, we can field as many teams in the 5 different levels as we wish…so there is racing for everyone.

Races take place on Thursday evenings during our winter so we can get serious once the outdoor season wraps up. Interested in being a part of it? … head over to the WCC discord channel and give a thumbs up to the message on the ‘General’ channel there. Invite to Discord HERE . If Discord is as alien to you as Butter Tarts are to me you can find out more here: Beginners Guide to Discord

Zwift racing League is a terrific way to keep members active, fit and most importantly connected across the darker colder months of the year.


Great to see so many people joined the discord server, I will generally post next step details there but will put them here for those still learning the discord ropes:
next two steps are 1) Link your zwift account to zwift power : Connecting to ZwiftPower you will need 5 races (races not rides) in a 90 day period to establish your race category - no rush but maybe when we get Thursday rides cancelled we can all join one . 2) Please search Waterloo Cycling Club and join the team - here is how to: How to join a team on ZwiftPower. It's EASY! - YouTube


I should pull up the instructions, but it would be nice to encourage folks to join WCC in Zwift too. As I recall, if we can manage to get a certain number of members, we can get a custom jersey in the game, which would be pretty cool.

I just joined…look forward to making winter more interesting with the group.

I attempted to Join the Discord, but I believe you have the default seven days limit for the invite. So the invite doesn’t currently work!

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Apologies: this one has no limit: Discord Invite

Hi can’t get link to work. Says expired.

@Adelio_Pereira try again now, it should be fine.

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I’m looking forward to this, thanks for setting it up. The link says it’s expired. What’s the name of the Discord server?

Here you go Sean…new link… Waterloo Cycling Club

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Worked thanks :pray:. Will link on zwiftpower

When will it start?

@dkerr just tagging you in this Dave

So this is getting exciting, we have good numbers and still going up. The league starts in early November but we will need a bunch of practices first. I will send an email out to all on the spreadsheet - first practice will be a team time trial Thursday Evening September 28th. Watch this space … or actually watch your email (via WCC mail)