Zwift Club Access

I recently joined the club and I looking to get involved with some Zwift races and group rides.

How do I gain access to the Zwift club?


@joemonks can you help Mike get connected?

Hi Mike,
Terrific and welcome to WCC. I am not sure of your level of zwift experience but there are opportunities for all experience levels and rider levels throughout the week.

Rec Rides : You would need to get an invite to join the wcc zwift club to see these rides when they are posted. To do this find me on zwift companion app and I can then send you the group invite: 7.JOE MONKS (WCC) these rides usually I think are Mondays/Wednesday/Sundays.

We currently have 5 levels of racing teams, there are a few hoops to jump through to get signed up but I have made it as easy as possible on this spreadsheet. Just enter your name at the bottom and check each box on the column when each specific task is done - its pretty self explanatory.

Thursday Racing Team Time Trials WTRL - Depending upon your level we will slot you into one of the teams, its a lot of fun and social and tough. If you have not done any team racing this is a great place to start. We have about 24 riders each week involved.

Tuesday ZRL Zwift Racing League - The season begins this week and runs for 6 weeks, while the teams are currently full gaps do open up for various reasons. Its a variety of scratch, TTT and points races.

Once you have filled out the spreadsheet we will get an idea of where to place you. Great to have you on board as our online zwift team continues to grow,

Happy to answer any questions you have


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Hi Joe,

I really appreciate your assistance in getting setup this evening!

I am fairly new to cycling and definitely to racing. I have been cycling on Zwift since last year and outdoor this past summer. I live in Elora and would often ride a loop a few times per week until mid September.

I have worked through the spreadsheet and I believe I’ve completed all the steps within the checklist. Let me know if you require anything else.

What is the timing of the races on Tuesday and Thursday? My schedule on Thursday is more open where on Tuesday I play hockey anywhere from 8pm to Midnight, Would this interfere with Tuesday races if availability opened up?

Looking forward to getting in to the swing of things!


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Hi Mike,
Looks good, I can see you in the discord channel. Because of the amount of group conversation we advertise the rides in this WCC forum then all the chat and team confirmations happens in the discord channel. You will probably be most suited to Waterloo Twos so please keep an eye on that text channel for your race pass once the race has been advertised on the WCC forum.

Waterloo Twos will also use race-b voice channel for communication during the race, I am not sure how familiar you are with discord voice channels but I run the app through my phone with a pair of airpods.

Thursday races are 7pm and Tuesdays are either 6.30 or 7.30.

I will inform the Tuesday ‘B’ cat captains you are available if they are short.

If closer to the race you have any questions send me a mail.