Zwift (Add WCC members)

I know Zwift is a bad word for some around here, but Zwift seems to make it difficult in general finding other users, the search is poor and often members don’t use their full or real names. Thinking we could use this thread to share our profiles and join other members from the WCC. Feel free to add me and maybe we can work out some Zwift rides for some of our users in the future.

David Preston- The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

I found the same problem and in general the training part not as good for me as Trainer Road or Sufferfest ( now Wahoo Systm). I like the racing though but not enough to keep using it so I let my subscription lapse.

If we can get a group together for group rides or workouts I’d resubscribe.

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There are races organized through Southwestern Ontario Zwift Riders (SWOZR) on facebook that a lot of people use. It uses existing races on Zwift, but there’s a leaderboard for people on SWOZR.


If you go on ZwiftPower you can join SWOZR and then see members in the list.
Has a lot of WCC peeps on there along with other racers across Ontario.
Here’s a screenshot:


Nice! Thanks

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Resurrecting and old thread here! I recently rejoined Zwift to get my son a free subscription so he can ride. It looks like they have massively improved the Clubs section and we can have our own WCC Zwift club where we can run our own events, training sessions etc. Any interest in that from folk? I’m happy to set it up if there is.

I believe we already have a Zwift WCC club. Not sure how we can search and confirm though.

Apparently you can search through the Zwift companion app. If I search for waterloo I don’t see it. Lots for WCC when you search for it but none appear to be us, maybe I’m wrong?

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Is it called WCC Zwifters?

I don’t think so, you can see who the members are when you click on it and that seems to be a lot of British folk :slight_smile:

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I am just getting started with ZWIFT and on my first ride was passed by someone whos avatar was Canadian, when I looked them up their profile said WCC member. Cant recall the persons name, next time I log in I will see if there is a history

Okay, I took a solid slook through all the possible clubs and couldnt find one so have created one. I’m the owner at the moment but happy to transfer to whoever in the club should own it @staff not sure who that would be?

You can get access through this invite: Come join WaterlooCyclingClub on Zwift The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

We can run our own Zwift events if we want. Probably a bit early for that but maybe when it gets colder :slightly_smiling_face:


OK I have applied to join the club on Zwift.

@HappyOne what did it say when you tried? This is a bit new but I’m not seeing an invite on my side to approve nor you part of the club? Did you use the invite above or just search for it?

I might need to make some tweaks :slight_smile:

Ah, okay clunky! I had to approve the requests in the roster once the member requests them. I think we have about 7 members on their now.

I thought the invite requirement would bypass any approvals but that is not the case. It doesn’t send any alerts that there are pending membership requests which is less than ideal :frowning:

I can just change it that anyone can join? Also anyone want to be an moderator? Not sure what that does but I assume help run the Zwift club and create events?

I’d be wiling to moderate and help out.

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Cool. Let me add you as a moderator. Feel free to poke around. Although I am technically the “owner” I’m not claiming any ownership of it at all :slight_smile:


Awesome! Let’s keep getting those numbers up. We can consider running group meet ups and rides as the colder weather arrives and or we are looking for company or motivation.

Placed my application!..thanks

Approved! I think we are at 15 people so far. I expect we will get more as the weather gets worse. If we can get to 200 (somewhat of a long term goal :slight_smile: ) then we might be able to get the club kit loaded into it!