First Unofficial Zwift WCC Club TT - This Thursday 6:30pm!

Hi everyone!

We’re going to give this format a try and see how we like it. :slight_smile:

Thursday Dec 22nd at 6:30pm.

Link to Event: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

The rules are simple:

  • TT bikes ONLY (Feel free to pick whichever wheels you like)
  • No PowerUps

This should be fun…we’ll all start together but since there is no drafting riders will quickly get spread out. (Zwift has the TT event feature on it’s roadmap for clubs but it isnt’ released yet. This should be a fun format in the interim though)

Even if you didn’t want to do a TT effort it would be great to get a decent group out to test how this works.

Thanks and see you Thursday!

Link to Discord: Waterloo Cycling Club

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Might be able to come out for this depending on work.

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Tagging a few previous TT enthusiasts :slight_smile:

@Francqlife @gmerritt @AdamPoll @bdoberst @CANGERMANN @davidcook @fredricprem @Gwyneth_Mitchell @HeatherZ @jamie.wagler @kspangler @kevrideseverything @karihueber @Luke_Ehgoetz @MarkW @MikeLynch @Oliver_Smith @Peter @AngQuick @racerrayc360r @rosepedal @Steve_Fay-Cosman @Sebastian_Grela @tbeattie @velodan @Vance @zmalone

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This was a lot of fun and the format seemed to work well. Would love feedback from those that took part :slight_smile:

Andrew ripping out 5.2 watts/kg with a ton of power early in the race. Well done man :slight_smile:

Great job by everyone!

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Thanks @ChrisP, these kinds of long steady efforts on the trainer are always tough, so well done to everyone. Thanks for setting it up! Knowing people in a race always helps with the motivation, and the format seemed like it worked. The only weird thing was dropping out of the group ride at the finish line, but that seems unavoidable and I guess that’s what the Discord is for.


Thanks I’m glad you liked it. I think it “might” drop us all into the same map after the race but I’m not sure.

Discord definitely would help as we could encourage others after finishing.

I think I’ll set these up every second Tuesday as there’s a group of regular TTers that go to Milton on Thursday’s.

Thanks again and if anyone else has feedback please post here.




5.2 watts/kg


I have to second what @Arlambert said The effort was tough but a good time and having others in the race really helped.

I agree it was a bit odd just dropping out of the group at the end. I find the chats before and after the effort interesting / fun to hear and definitely think we should have a discord and maybe even an easy cool down ride for after. I am not sure how we could set that up though.

Also I would recommend this ride to more people. It was tough but it really gives you a good idea where your fitness is at. Zwift bumped my FTP up by 27 watts showing that it was a bit low before hand.

Thanks @ChrisP for setting it up and I look forward to the next one!


I thought about joining the Discord channel but was thinking all you’d hear is everyone gasping and killing themselves on the rivet haha :slight_smile:

We can definitely use it next time though…it would be great to chat during the warmup and cooldown.

As for cooldown as long as we’re on discord it doesn’t matter which map we’re on…we can just chat about the ride/effort as we spin out our legs.

I’ll set another one up soon and will post details in the forum.

Thanks again!

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Hey @ChrisP , you should set up a TT channel on the WCC Discord server…that way everyone racing the TT would know where to go for chatting while warming up and cooling down.
Look forward to the next one!

Hi @Bopper I’ve been adding the link to the WCC Fast channel to the events and forum posts but that’s a good idea. I’m not sure if I’m able to add a TT channel but will try. (If not hopefully one of the admins of the channel can create one) :slight_smile:

Hoping to be on the next ride! Yesterday I was finally able to put my cycling shoes on! Only a few tears manipulating my foot into a hard sole shoe! Funny as I still can get my actual shoes on!
Not going to be expecting too much just hoping to be able to do a few short rides over the next week or two start building all over again!