Any interest in a Zwift Club TT?

I’ve been doing a little research on Zwift and was checking to see if we could configure Zwift Cub TT’s. The functionality is supposedly on their product roadmap but it got me thinking about how we could have a WCC Club TT on Zwift in the interim.

What we can do is this:

  • I’d create a club event, fixed distance on a course.
  • Participants would choose a TT bike, wheel combo to their liking
  • Ideally we’d agree on a trainer resistance setting (Say 50%) but that could be optional and wouldn’t apply to non smart trainer riders
  • Agree not to use Power Ups
  • It would have to be mass start but there’d be no drafting
  • We’d see the leaderboard at the end and can also create a strava segment

Let me know if you’d be interested in this…I think it would be fun and there are some interesting courses we could use.

This would be a good interim step until Zwift releases the full TT event capability to clubs. :slight_smile:


I am definitely interested in doing a club TT! Sounds like fun!


Sure, I’d do a club virtual TT, preferably 6:30 or later in the evening. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the club rides show up on your profile on Zwiftpower?

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We can do that for sure…want to give this Thursday a go at 6:30?

It doesn’t look like they show up on Zwift Power.

I’ll shoot for something that’ll take about 20-25mins to complete. That way people can do it as an FTP test if they like. :slight_smile:

Created a test event for this Thursday at 6:30pm. :slight_smile:

Link here:

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I am very interested. Have to let the leg heal for another few weeks. Cant get my cycling shoes on yet. Think duck taping my foot to the peddle would not be a good idea, but I am getting so restless I am leaning that way!

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