Unofficial Virtual fastermediate zwift ride Sat 17th December 9 am

Hey folks,

Okay, going to try and fit a ride between the rec and fast rides at 2.0 to 2.3 watts per kilo.

9 am start and set it for 90 minutes but you can drop in and out. Need to a member of the WCC Zwift club to join. I’ll post that in a minute along with the discord link

The link for this ride is:

2.0w/kg to 2.3w/kg: WCC Watopia Flat ride WCC Zwift Fastermediate Saturday event link

The link to join the WCC club is: WCC Zwift club link

To use Discord (for chatting with voice) this is the link: Waterloo Cycling Club We can also chat using the Zwift companion app too.

Okay @Francqlife I have built it? But will they come?

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If I wake up that early I might join

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If I’m not outside in the WCC gravel | fatbike ride on Saturday…I’ll be there.

I’ll make sure the gravel suspects are there.

I don’t have an invite to the WCC DISCORD channel. Do we even have one?


The link for Discord is at the top but I have also added it here: WCC Discord channel @Francqlife

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Looks like the Discord link I had set was expired. I updated that. Should work now. Now sure which voice channel to use, maybe intermediate?



I emailed the group and accepted the invite to the WCC DISCORD Channel.

Like you said @Oliver_Smith

Let’s see if they come.

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Looks like we have a few takers for this inaugural intermediate Zwift ride tomorrow.

~2.3 ish


  1. @Orrin
  2. @DrewMolnar
  3. @Jasonpollard
  4. @ColinM
  5. @Geoff (Fullgaz)
  6. @Francqlife

@DaveG ?
@Del ?
@Oliver_Smith ?
@Sean_MacCormack ?
@Corrie ?

I’ll check with John de Boer and Gary.

Anyone and everyone else?

Signed up.

I’m in but will see how long I last, lungs are still not great. If we keep it in the range I should be okay.

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Hmmm. Maybe?
I have no idea how to join.:man_shrugging:

Sorry folks, I’m out. I’m sick (again)! Not sure if I need do anything to make it run as leader. I don’t think I do but I’ll monitor it and make sure it goes


OK. We are ON in 45 minutes.

I’ll get on early to see if there are any glitches or gremlins.

For anyone scrambling onto the platform for the first time…

1). Smart trainer plugged in

  1. Zwift App downloaded and account set up and (paid). I used to run Zwift on a computer…now I just plunk my tablet in front of me. Boom. Some people even use their phone.

Click on the 3 links above from Oliver.

  1. join the WCC Zwift club (Oliver will accept you)

  2. click on the link above to join the actual ride.

  3. download the DISCORD app from the App Store to your phone. click on the DISCORD invite above to get into the WCC Chat Channel. Have a headset on.

Thank @Oliver_Smith

It worked out really well.

8 of us did 50km at ~2.2 watts/kg on the inaugural WCC “fast-intermediate” Zwift ride this morning with a number of 700 watt sprints in the mix.

We had a guest DISCORD cameo from Chris and Gaelen.

Felt very close to a Thursday night G3 ride. Ride dynamics are much improved this year. We managed to stay together and even ease up after the sprint last to regroup.

Jeff S.
Geoff (Full Gaz)
Sean Mac

Great stuff. Pity I couldn’t make it, hopefully next week!

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It was a great ride, but @Francqlife you are really underrating my sprint!

I scheduled next Saturdays ride, if anyone is interested in a Xmas Eve ride, we could do earlier in the week too

Just a reminder we have another Saturday ride tomorrow at 9am. We have to burn off our drinks!

Voice chat on discord

Great ride today, it may have got a bit spirited at times, so I guess it was a normal Fast 3 ride! Happy New Year!

Might join the next one. Y’all have a mid-week one too?

Hi Christian, Chris has been running a Thursday one, usually a ride closer to 3w/kg. I haven’t been running a week day one, as I have just been riding at a bit earlier, and mostly doing intervals Tues/Thurs.