WINTER Prehab classes on Zoom with Kelly (C2C Training)


As the holidays come to a close many of us turn our attention to the New Year and what changes we need to implement to achieve our goals. “Working on my fitness” is a perennial top contender for athletes and self-proclaimed couch potatoes alike. The sad truth though is that less than half of the resolutioners will successfully maintain their plan of action. Don’t panic. This is where C2C’s classes on Zoom make it super simple to see success!

C2C makes the WHAT & HOW easy by providing the movement variety you need in the convenience of your own home! C2C’s " Winter " class schedule on Zoom provides a complete program with 4 different classes that work mobility, stability and strength at times that hopefully most can commit to. AND even if the class times don’t work with your schedule or you have to miss a live class occasionally, there is always the option of following the “recorded” version at a more convenient time for you.

No matter what mood you are in right now, stay loyal to your WHY so you get started and don’t stop! Grab a few friends or family members who also need to get committed to prehab work so you have an accountable-buddy to smile back at you from the comfort of their Zoom square! The “Winter” schedule runs for a whopping 13 weeks beginning on Monday, January 2 and ending on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Below are C2C’s weekly classes that have been scheduled for the next 13 weeks and their Zoom registration links (please note the new start times):

Once you have registered for a class or classes, Zoom will send you the official “meeting id” and “password” so that you can access the workout online. It is helpful if you add the class to your calendar so that you can easily link into the class by clicking the information saved. If you are registered for a class but cannot attend the live version then I will happily send you the recorded version once it is available.

Payment for classes is to be made via etransfer or paypal prior to attending - you can pay per class or pay for a few at a time and I will help you keep track. You pay just $5 per class per household OR if you are ready to commit to the entire " WINTER " session pay just $15 per week for 13 weeks ($195) for “UNLIMITED” class attendance throughout the " WINTER " session including any bonus classes that might be added occasionally.

If you have any questions about the format of each of the classes or the equipment you might need, please just ask AND please don’t hesitate to tell ALL your friends, coworkers and family members about C2C’s Zoom classes - there is no limit to how many friendly faces we can have join us!!

See you all soon!

Happy New Year,

Kelly Ellis

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This is great value, I’m going to sign up to a few of these. :slight_smile:

I can attest to the fact that Kelly’s classes are all awesome and super convenient to be able to do virtually! I’ve been doing them pretty consistently for the past couple of years and have seen great improvements in my mobility and core strength. This translates to feeling better both on and off the bike!

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