Summer Prehab "Maintenance" Classes on Zoom with Kelly (C2C Training)

Summer is our season to hit the road with the wind on our face and sunscreen in our jersey pocket! We tend to spend a lot more time in the saddle, pedaling with the group and enjoying adventures or maybe even taking on the challenge of a big event or race. The volume and intensity go up and so does the need to balance with prehab work.

You need to remember your why and then challenge yourself everyday to never quit, never give up trying to find the time for your prehab work. The same little voice that says “give up” can also be trained to say “keep going” even when the wonders of summer have you heading to the great outdoors. Take a moment to assess your WHY so that you can stay committed to a routine that will maintain your gains. Once you know your WHY, then surround yourself with others who will inspire you to stick with the plan no matter what life throws your way.

Decide. Commit. Succeed. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results!

C2C’s “Summer - Blue Zone Forever” class schedule on Zoom is a complete program with 3 different classes that work mobility, stability and strength at times that hopefully most can commit to. AND even if the class times don’t work with your schedule or you have to miss a live class occasionally, there is always the option of following the “recorded” version at a more convenient time for you. You pay just $5 per class per household so your entire family can stay committed with you!

Check out the Summer schedule below that will be offered in 4-week blocks from June 10th until September 15th - message me for all the details and of course to get started:

:sunglasses: Monday @ 6:20-7:00am - Mobility & Core

:sunglasses: Tuesday @ 6:20-7:00am - Summer STRONG (bands, free weights & bench or chair)

:sunglasses: Thursday @ 6:20-7:00am - Upper-body & Core (bands, free weights & stability ball)

Can’t wait to see how many more awesome WCC friends will join our Zoom tribe and benefit from the movements we need but struggle to make time for!

Chat soon,
Kelly Ellis