Rec Road Series for 2024

Join us on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for some exercise and conversation on our group Zwift rides. It’s a great way to keep moving and keep in touch with other riders during the winter. The pace is meant to mimic what we would be doing outside but the rides are shorter. Wednesday night rides tend to be ~15km and the Sunday rides are a bit longer at ~20km. We focus on riding together which is sometimes a bit slower and other times faster. It really depends on the riders and the day. If you have never tried Zwift before, it is pretty easy to get started with and will help you feel happy and energized during the cold, dark winter.

Here is a thread talking about getting going with Zwift

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I really dislike riding on the trainer and I dislike all the screens and stuff on Zwift. I imagine it might be better with a smart trainer but I have decided to purchase a new gravel bike instead (just put a payment down on what is hopefully a pretty nice Orbea bike at McPhail’s yesterday!!). I miss the group rides but will stick to cross training on my own at home including shorter virtual rides on my crappy dumb trainer. Is there any specific recommendations for training with short rides on a dumb trainer to be ready to resume group rides in the spring?


I just set up a dummy trainer with a power meter crankset on zwift. I’ve only had a couple rides solo so I’m not sure how it’ll work with groups and hills. But I’m able to do intervals.

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Yes HIIT intervals are always good!

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I am not a zwifter but my indoor bike has a power meter. I find indoor training mind-numbing so I keep workouts short - 20-45 minutes is all I can handle! I have some interval workouts I mix up: 30/30s, 10 min intervals, tabata or just zone 1-2. I can give more specifics if you like! :smile:


Sure I’d love to learn more! I have a cadence sensor I’ve been using, trust this is sufficient info for now? I did manage a 30 min ride the other day so the shorter rides are definitely doable

@HappyOne We’re in TO tonight. Hopefully see you on Sunday.

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That’s a beautiful ride.

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