Weekend indoor rides (maybe not even Zwift!) - Poll

I have had some ideas for riding a little more socially indoors during the winter. We have got some Zwift racing going during the week (thanks to some fine work by @joemonks ) but I’m thinking about doing something a little different over the weekends. During the off season I like to limit my intensity a bit so thinking of some longer, endurance pace rides on the weekends.

Looking at Zwift club rides they still haven’t fixed some of the issues since last year e.g. you can’t pick from a handful of workouts nor can you enable rubber banding ( which keeps the group together) unless you are one of the massive clubs or an established group rides. So if I was running a Zwift ride I would run it as a Meetup so we can enable those options

This got me thinking about other options. Typically, if I’m doing a longer z2 ride then the application i’m using to run it is irrelevant (I’m really just tracking the data for Strava / Garmin) and I ignore the display. So maybe those that want to be on Zwift could be but those that do not can just be on whatever platform they wish or even just run a dumb trainer. We could then just chat as a group on Discord?

Lastly, I often will do these rides with something to watch on the background e.g. English soccer on a Saturday morning, the Formula 1 race on a Sunday early afternoon or a classic movie. Maybe we could tie that all together and chat about the sport / movie while getting some nice base work in?

As per usual, the obligatory poll :slight_smile:

  • I would like to do group weekend endurance rides on Zwift with chat on discord
  • I would like to do group weekend endurance rides but not on Zwift, chat on discord
  • I do my own things on weekends
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  • I’m interested in watching soccer, Saturday AM while chatting / riding
  • I’m interested in watching Formula 1, Sunday PM while chatting / riding
  • I’m interested in watching classic movies while chatting / riding sometime in the weekend
  • I’m interested in other sports while chatting and riding during the weekend
  • I have other ideas for what we could watch while riding (comment below please!)
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  • I would like to ride for about 60 minutes
  • I would like to ride for 60 to 90 minutes
  • I would like to ride for 90 to 120 minutes
  • I would like to ride for over 2 hours
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Which times of day would people prefer? Feel free to pick multiple times, we might have more than one ride per day on multiple days if there is demand :slight_smile:

  • Saturday earlyish morning
  • Saturday mid morning
  • Saturday early afternoon
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Saturday evening
  • Sunday earlyish morning
  • Sunday mid morning
  • Sunday early afternoon
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Sunday evening
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I don’t watch anything extra while riding…just listen to music. I can do that and chat at the same time.

Great idea Oliver…I selected early morning, but that would depend on whether we head to the track for early morning session. If not early morning (preferred) then my second choice would be later afternoon. Or early evening.


Thanks for collecting input on this. I’d like to offer an alternative. In the event that we don’t “need” a separate ride for WCC only, I can highly recommend joining the Morning Glory Zwift rides. There is a Saturday morning ride with two groups and a Sunday morning ride with just one group. It’s a well attended ride and super friendly group. They use discord to chat.

Might be a nice option @maba0320 ! Are they one of the larger rides that have the rubber banding turned on to keep the ride together? It seems only select rides are allowed that for some reason

@Oliver_Smith no (at least not last season). But they make good efforts to keep the group together by sticking to advertised pace, using sweepers, and allowing regrouping … within reason.