Saturday Zwift

So I have the usual Saturday 9am Zwift ride posted, but as an alternative, I was thinking we could do stage 2 of TDZ and all be on discord together for moral support.

Let me know what you think

  • WCC Zwift Ride
  • TDZ with Discord

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Sounds good.

I see a number of people did TDZ 1 this week. But, we were all over A, B, C, D. Does it matter that we are not in the same Category? OR just that we are all on the 9am TDZ event, regardless of category?

Discord is the Cats Meow for fun and motivation mid-ride. Thumbs up if you are suggesting that we all hop on “WCC Discord” for the shared TDZ event on Saturday?


It doesn’t really matter which cat we do. I guess it would be moderately more fun to do the same, so we could compare positions, but either way would work!

I tried to join the WCC Zwift group but havent been let in. How do I get access?

I just looked and someone must have “approved” you today? There is no one pending approval.

Also…there are now 94 Members of the WCC Zwift club. :bike:

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I pop into it and approve people when I remember (even though I’m not riding currently).

We are nearly half way there to proper zwift club status. If we get to 200 then they will apparently let us have our proper club jersey :slight_smile:

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Thanks all, see you on Zwift!

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If my trainer doesn’t complete stop working maybe I’ll use up my free ride tomorrow.

Well it looks like TDZ at 9 wins. I think I will be doing the standard (B) ride due to time.

If you don’t feel like doing the TDZ but still want company jump on discord!

What’s the discord link?