Unofficial Zwift Ride Tonight Fast group

Hope to see you tonight!

Fast group endurance ride. 2.7-3.0 watts/kg on the flats, 3.5-3.8 watts/kg on the climbs

Had a nice group of 4 tonight. Will look to setup another on the weekend.

Whoa !

This is beyond my capability to sustain.

I can hold 2.8-3.0 for about 20 mins at full gaz…with a few power punches at 4.0…but then I’d be smacked. Like going with Group 1 to the end of Crowsfoot on a Thursday night.

But one day Christopher…one day. I might just show up…just to say I did.


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@Francqlife I’m just coming back from some back to back illnesses (watch me jinx that and end up with something else now!) but I’m hoping to start running something between the rec rides and the fast rides in Zwift soon on a weekend. Probably in the 2.5 W/KG with sprints for those who want to go (so a bit lie a Thursday gentleman’s ride).

If you or anyone wants to run these (or I can set it up and not partake until I’m up to speed) then let me know.

Thanks @Oliver_Smith . Could do.

As mentioned there is a group of usual suspects group 3 (G3) in the 2.0-2.5 range that ride 2 times per week.

We just text each other and agree to join a large (250+) C or D ride around 7:00 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

I was invited to the Barrie Cycling Club zwift private ride last night. They had a dozen people out. Used the elastic. They have a DISCORD channel, but only Orrin and i were on it.

A few G3 people did try the rec group with @HappyOne but it was a bit slow for them. Just as @ChrisP 's ride would be too fast for us. But the attraction was/is there to ride with other club members.

Its definitely a goldilocks selection, exactly like real life. You have to pick the group whose pace makes sense for you.

But to your point. 2.5-ish is a sweet spot for G3.

I’d like to see a group 3 like we have on the road on Thursday and Saturday. There may be appetite for that.

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@Francqlife How about I set something up and people can join if they like? Maybe we split the difference between 2.0 and 2.5 and call it a 2.3 w/kg ride? That gives us a middle ground between the other two rides and allows folk to use it for different purposes depending on their fitness levels?

Maybe set something up for a Saturday AM to start? I’m not sure we can do the elastic thing on our rides for some reason (maybe only the “official rides” with Zwift can do that). @HappyOne @ChrisP can you confirm that?

Hopefully I’ll be able to attend but if not it can run without me. I have a very annoying mucusy cough which I have had for nearly a month. It really comes and goes, when my chest is clear I’m golden and I’m at normal full speed but if not I get all hacky and my HR shoots up :frowning: Maybe it is time to see the doc but given the overloaded medical system at the moment if feels silly to take up resources on something pretty trivial.

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I don’t think you can use the elastic for “events”. That was a meetup feature.

I find setting a range for the flats and a range for the climbs works well to help keep people together and set the upper limit on watts/kg to help keep people together.

Using Discord is also really handy too as it doesn’t really matter where you on course. For example I joined a world late with G and Lance last night. They were in a fast pace partner group and I was doing a Z2 workout and we just chatted. It was great :slight_smile:

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I think what you mean is the ‘keep the group together’ setting. It exists in meetups and seems to exist in some of the Zwift official rides but isn’t currently an option with the club events. I have made the request of the Zwift development team to add it so maybe we will see it available in a future update. I know they have some big feature/function additions coming in the new year.


Nice conversation everyone.

I’d be keen to try it @Oliver_Smith

Many below do Zwift on Saturday. Though I ride outside with Drew and a few others every Wednesday (tonight) and Saturday morning.

That said, I’m pretty sure we could get 6-12 people to try a 2.0-2.3 club ride. Anyone from the club can join in and see where it goes.

The usual G3 suspect include:




Yeah my take is that everyone should choose a group whose goals align with theirs for the ride. If that’s our “fast” ride at 3.5ish, awesome. If not, also awesome.

But, in Zwift land we have the advantage of being able to chat on discord together even if we aren’t riding “together”. Like @ChrisP said, we’ve done a few rides now where we aren’t together in zwift land, and are doing completely different workouts etc, but we get the added motivation/encouragement/“helping the time pass” from each other being on the same voice channel. So join the WCC discord people!

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