WCC Time Trial Information

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide you with information on our Time Trial events. :slight_smile:

The time trial is the race of truth where you race solo from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It is a pure physical and mental challenge where strength, fitness, position, pacing and equipment all contribute to your time and result. It is primarily a race against yourself and the challenge is to improve on your own personal best every event. It has been a staple of the WCC since the early 1970s.

There are two categories: Merckx and aero. All types of bicycles are welcome. We have members race on mountain bikes, CX bikes, road bikes, full on TT and Tri bikes as well as recumbents!

  • Merckx Rules: No TT disc wheels, no clip on aerobars, no TT specific helmet (Aero road helmets and skinsuits allowed, deep wheels allowed as long as they are not full TT disc wheels)

  • Aero rules: Any TT or Triathlon bike is allowed, any road bike that does not meet the Merckx rules can race in the aero category

Here are our WCC Time Trial courses with locations:

Thursday Time Trial:

The Thursday Night Time Trial (TT) series is held every four weeks and is an institution of the club. Our primary course is the Crowsfoot course. It is smooth (new pavement a couple of years ago) flat and very fast. It is 13.86 km in length, roughly 7 km out and 7 km back.

[Map Link](43°32’00.5"N 80°28’13.8"W 43.533468, -80.470487 https://goo.gl/maps/YUHaeM9gGJhtxewB9)

Deborah Glaister (Alternate course)

The Deborah Glaister course is a nice rolling out and back course on well paved roads. Located North of the village of Wellesley.

Map Link

Sunday Time Trial

Monkton (Long Course Time Trial)

The Sunday Morning Time Trial (TT) is usually held on the middle weekend of the summer months.

The 40 km course, 20 km out and back, just west of Monkton is exceedingly flat and smooth. The start / finish line is on county road 55 just west of 23. There is room to park on the side of the road near the start.

[Map Link](43°35’40.6"N 81°06’02.4"W 43.594596, -81.100667 https://goo.gl/maps/kPpUV4tE4Gvco2C19)

The Gravel TT!
We also have an awesome gravel TT where you can test your fitness, power, bike handling skills and equipment choices. This event is anything goes…clip on aerobars are fine, pointy helmets are fine, there are basically no rules!

Links to the course:


We’ll target to have our first events early to mid May depending on COVID restriction status at that time. (Thankfully time trials are one cycling event that can be run very safely while enforcing physical distancing requirements outside)

If we are still in lockdown with significant limitations we will likely suggest TT Strava challenges on specific dates. (Hopefully this will be our last lockdown!)

You would go to the location within a certain time period (Say 5:00pm-7:30pm) ride the the course, upload to Strava and we’d filter the leaderboard and post results.

Thanks and any questions please feel free to ask!