WCC 20km/40km Time Trial Sunday September 10th!

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce we will be holding a 20km/40km TT at Newry!

Date: Sunday Sept 10th, 2023
Location: Newry
Start Time: 9:00am (Registration 8:30am with Kevin S).
Estimated Finish Time: 11:130am
Discipline: Time Trial
Culture: Race but open to all ability levels!
Approximate Distance: 20km and 39km

Course Route

We will target to park at Elma Township Pubic school.


Our usual road bike and aero categories will be in place:

Anything goes (No UCI restrictions)

No clip on aerobars, no invisible aerobars/hands draped over the tops, no TT disc rear wheels, no TT specific helmet, (Aero road helmets are fine, skin suits are fine).

All bike types are welcome. If you have clip on aerobars or want to use invisible aerobars / hands draped over the tops on your road bike you can, you’ll just be slotted into the aero category.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.

Thanks and see you there!


As with all TTs please give us your projected finish time so I can seed the start list appropriately. I will most likely start everyone at 1 min intervals…but may change that to 2 min depending on numbers and speed of riders.

Good luck all.

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56:57 for 39.1 km. 41.2 km/h @ 290W


Hi Kevin, based bestbikesplit for last year’s course, I estimate 58:00 for this course.


Edit: is there anyone with bestbikesplit premium that can upload this course publicly?

I’m debating 20m versus 40km.

Optimistically on the road bike:
39km: 55:40 at 42kmh
20km: 28:15 at 42.5kmh

Lorie is going to do the 40km TT. She’s not going all out (probably tempo) so around 64mins.

I need to get my front tire fixed, hoping to get it done today. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I made a mistake in my math. My target time is 56:57

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Drive the course today and the pavement is in great shape. The school is also open for parking. See everyone tomorrow!


I’m not sure of the setup I’ll run, but let’s say a nominal 58:29 for the 39 km course for me.


Hoping to break 1 hour 10 minute for the long course.


Congratulations everyone, you did excellent work on this trying course. Driving the course during set-up I could see this wasn’t going to be a blazing fast course with the undulating road. However, you all dug deep and produced fine results… many of you coming in well under your estimated time.


We had 8 people run the 39km TT and one person the 20km course. The course is an undulating out-and-back road from Newry to Brussels and back. Traffic was well behaved, wind was non-existent and the temperature was cool but comfortable. It was a perfect day to show your legs who the boss is. :wink:

I has been a great honour to offer my services to everyone in their efforts to improve themselves. I look forward to next season… although you’re all welcome to come out the Velodrome and give pursuiting and TT’s a try this season.

Have a wonderful winter and we’ll see you in the spring.


It was a great day and thanks everyone for coming. I really enjoyed the course and parking at the school was great as we could easily warmup without going on public roads. Thanks for timing and course setup Kevin!


Hi all, I reorganized the results a bit and added average speed. Thanks again to all that came to the event!


Thanks Chris. Just a minor thing: it’s Erik with a “k”.

My apologies Erik… In my haste when entering the names, I misspelled your name. I hope not to do that again. :wink:


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