2022 WCC Time Trial Series

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce our WCC Time Trial Dates for 2022!

Thursday May 5
Thursday June 2
Thursday July 7,
Thursday Aug 12,
Thursday Sept 1

Our Thursday night TT’s have registration at 6:15pm and first rider off at 6:30pm.

We have several course options this year. Given increasing traffic on Crowsfoot we are looking at different locations for our short course TTs.

Deborah Glaister is a great rolling out and back route on well paved roads. It is located North of the village of Wellesley with parking available at the church or on the start of the road near the start.


Our long course TT is generally held in the middle of the summer months. The 40km course (20km out and back) just west of Monkton is exceedingly flat, smooth and very fast. The start / finish line is on county road 55 just west of 23. There is room to park on the side of the road near the start. We’ll finalize our long course date soon. Registration is at 9:30am and first rider off at 10:00am.


There is another short course we are considering near the Bamberg loop. I want to ride the course this weekend and confirm the pavement is still in great shape, finalize the distance and create a Strava segment for the route. I’ll update this post once we’ve confirmed the route is in good shape.

Kevin Gibson also found a fantastic gravel TT course. This is a rolling box shaped route through absolutely gorgeous countryside. We usually pick a day and use the Strava segment to compare our times.

As for rules all types of bikes are welcome. Recumbent, road, TT, CX, MTB, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

We have two general categories “Aero” and Road Bike”

Aero: Anything goes

Road Bike:

  • No TT rear disc wheel
  • No TT specific helmet (Aero road helmets are fine)
  • No clip on aerobars

Thanks and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Awesome! Thanks for this information, I can gear (no pun intended!) my training to match! Looking forward to the new routes.

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Thanks for the reminder @ChrisP , I had been meaning to set up a gravel TT sometime this spring.

With P2A fast approaching, we’re gonna give it a shot this Wednesday. The usual Wednesday night group ride will start as usual at St. Jacobs’ outlet, but we’ll ride together to the TT course, then do it individually, then ride back together.

Ride post is here:

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Our second event is scheduled!

It is actually on June 9th (Kevin is unable to make June 2nd)

Link to post here: Link