Rec Gravel Ride follow up for Sun July 2nd

@bill and @Bikedawn and I did a beautiful route today in Woolwich township. The weather was overcast with a tiny bit of rain for the first 30 km. When we got back to Saint Jacobs, I felt so good, so I decided to ride another 8 km home, then go pick my car up from St Jacobs in the afternoon.

I’m not sure I would’ve gone out on my own today due to the weather. Thankfully, Bill and Dawn helped motivate me to get on my bike. Today was one of my favourite rides, and part of it is probably because it was overcast, not too much wind and just a gorgeous route.



The roads were quiet. Very peaceful. Easy to have a conversation without the words being eaten up by wind or traffic noise.

We stopped to take in the view at the top of Empey,

The hazy view didn’t make for a great picture, so I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to find a good picture of this vista in another post. :wink:

A dropped chain in Hawksville allowed for quick check of the radar. A slight adjustment to the route brought us back to the start just as the steady rain began to fall.

Very nice ride. It is great to have Rec Gravel rides for extra ride options. :mountain_biking_man:

Thanks @PattiDennison and @Bikedawn !