Sunday July 16 Rec Gravel update

The Rec gravel riders enjoyed a mix of paved, gravel and paved urban trails. Thanks to @bill and @Bikedawn for planning the route.

We rode about 36 Km at a pace of approx 19 Km per hour.

Also thanks to @Wclark and @barbara for joining us.

I think Bill took the only photo, so I will let him post it.

I’ll be away this week but back to ride with the group on Saturday July 22nd. Have a great week everyone.

I was too busy chatting for many pictures, but I did take one picture of the group where the trail crossed University as everyone was remounting their bikes,

And here is a picture of the 10 turkey vultures waiting for us to keel over at the top of Glasgow,

Another thoroughly enjoyable Rec Gravel ride. :grinning: