Sat Aug 19 Rec Ride follow up

The ride through Montgomery Burns with @Wclark was awesome. It was only the two of us but Bill was a great ride partner and I really enjoyed the conversation.

We rode 48 Km in 2.25 hours with an average speed of 19.8 Km per hour. It was a tough ride for me, even though the weather and wind were perfect.

I missed our regular riders and some that we don’t see too often.
@bill @Bikedawn @carlsberg @barbara @ReneH @hootmeowwoof @jnet @smith.a.natalie @justinlang @team_q


See you soon! Recovering from neck and shoulder issue grrrr!

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Patti. I did not see the ride posted! I would have come! Sorry I missed it! Nice day for riding!

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I pulled something around the bad knee few days ago and was hoping it got better… unfortunately, it didn’t. :frowning:
Hopefully, I’ll be out next week!

Don’t rush it. Feel better and we will see you when it’s feeling better.

I’ve got some time off coming up in September, hopefully able to join you on a few more rides this year. Love the recaps and really appreciate you running the rec-pace gravel rides!

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