Follow up to Sept 23 rec gravel ride

Today’s recreation gravel ride was another record breaker for me. 54.5 km from and back to my front door. The WCC loop was 40 kms and we had an average pace of 18.5 km/hr.

We met at 9 AM in Saint Jacobs parking lot along with a pile of other WCC riders.

@Bikedawn and I did a really nice loop which included a butter tart stop at Lost Acres bakery / store. We also stopped on at a farm and picked up some fresh plums. @bill had tried them last week and loved them.

I did have a little run in with some bur’s that stuck to my glove! Cool pic attached.

The weather was cool to start, but it didn’t take long before the windbreaker came off. The sun was shining, not much wind and the temperature was perfect. Who could ask for a more beautiful day???

Thanks Dawn for hanging back with me when I started to slow. I’ve missed a few weekday rides and then of course didn’t ride when I was on vacation. I’m travelling for work this week, so I’ll prob only be riding again next Saturday. Fingers crossed Mother Nature keeps the sun shining for everyone.


It was a beautiful day and a delicious butter tart.

Lost Acres had beautiful Mums.

And yes, we did stop for plums.