Thursday, August 24, Rec Gravel ride follow up

Hello fellow riders! What a beautiful night, except for the bugs!! No sun, nice and warm, and no wind. I think that if we had sun, we would’ve been really warm. Lol.

We did a loop around Woolwich Township, and our group consisted of @ReneH , @carlsberg who had his new mountain bike, and @hootmeowwoof.

I think everyone would agree that this was the buggiest night we have noticed this season if not ever. If you zoom into the photo below, you will notice on my neck, a bunch of black dots. After the ride, the guys told me about those bugs, and it was pretty gross.

At the end of the ride, I realized I was just shy of 5 km from my 500 km goal for August to raise money for children’s cancer. I was going to accompany Carl for another 5K in one direction and 5K in the other direction to exceed my goal, but when I got home, it was black and storming with lightning and thunder, so I’m pretty happy that I did not do that tonight.

@carlsberg did you make it home before the storm??

Anyway, thanks everyone for the amazing ride as always. I’ll be on vacation returning back for the Thursday, September 14 ride. I hope to see some of you at that time.

However, I guess it will start to get dark sooner, so I’m not sure if we start rides earlier or if we just ride in the dark… I guess I’ll figure that out when I get back.


It started pouring about 2km before I got home. But I didn’t mind that one; it was a nice warm rain. Helped wash some of the critters off.


We were eating a steady stream of bugs.

I had to put the brim of my cap down to shield my eyes!