Flying Dogs, Horses, lots of water and new goal achieved

On Thursday, July 27 the rec riders went on a 34 km ride around Woolwich county.

@Bikedawn mentioned to me that I posted our ride in the gravel announcement section, but not in the club ride notices section. I apologize to anyone who wanted to ride last night, but did not find the ride in the proper location on the website. Normally I post my follow up notes in the Gravel announcement section.

Thanks again to @bill for making sure our route was perfect. I’m really glad we went out last night. I know it was a warm one, but I really only felt the heat, when we stopped. That’s the beauty of cycling, as when you sweat and you ride, it actually still feels cool.

Which brings me to our subject line.

@ReneH had a cool shirt that had flying dogs on the back. And @barbara had a bunch of horses on the back of her shirt. So you’ll see from the picture that I took, we were not only riding with our group, but we were riding with flying dogs and horses! :joy: :dog2: :racehorse:

Last night was hot enough that a lot of us were getting down to the last few drops of our water. I had been out all day, so I brought three bottles with me last night. I drank all 3 bottles by the time we got back to St Jacobs, but I still had another 8 km to get home. Thank you to Homewood Suites by Hilton on Benjamin Road. I was able to quickly walk in and fill one bottle with some fresh cold, lemon water without anyone questioning whether or not I was supposed to be there. Lol. I did drink that 4th whole bottle before I finished my 8 km home.

And finally, even though I had to go around the block, one time near my home, I hit my personal best record of 50 km. Whoohoooo :joy:.

The Rec gravel riders are going to Port Dover on Saturday, August 5. We are going to ride approximately 25 km to Port Dover, have lunch/fish and chips, and then ride 25 km back to our vehicle. A month or so ago I was pretty nervous of accomplishing the distance, now I’m really looking forward to the ride and not concerned about 50 Km now.

Hopefully we can attract a few more riders to come with us to Port Dover. I’m pretty sure there will be two groups with longer and shorter rides available.

Here are the only 2 pics I took of last night.


Congrats on the distance milestone Patti. I’m sure it’s only the beginning…


It was a good ride!
I only took one picture of the corn which was very tall.


Great night to be out. We had lots of pauses to ensure everyone was doing okay and staying hydrated so time for lots of pictures…

Great work @PattiDennison building up to 50km! :grinning: