The Race Of Truth

There is only one couple that needs to introduce and own this topic.

The King & Queen of TT…Chris and Lorrie. Pip…Pip !!!

But along with Mike Lynch, Brian, Kevin, Jeff and other’s…I organized, supported and participated in this event for many years before Chris took it over and raised it the next level.

Whether you are on a world class super aero bike…or just doing it “Eddy Merckx” style on your old steel road bike…nobody cares…there is something so “pure” about covering the distance as fast as you physically (and mentally) can drive yourself “point-to-point” that makes this discipline the “Race Of Truth” against yourself.

Do the complete race series every month… It’s a mirror into who you are, and what you can do against the clock. It’s the ultimate test to push your limit beyond what you think you can do…in a safe, controlled, repeatable, supportive environment.

No matter what your time? 17 minutes or 27 minutes. It doesn’t matter. The RESPECT is HIGH among all finishers for having put yourself through the “meat grinder”. Only 10% of the Club members even try it. But it’s open and welcome to EVERYONE. It’s a unique club of “finishers”. Come out…and be counted about them.

There are many, many, many pictures from the Club TT’s. You can click on any of these pictures and they are linked to the Albums in the WCC Flickr Account.

Including the Rocket…Roger Koert.

And the fastest Man on Earth, Chris Ernst.

Current Record Holder covering 13.2 km in 16 mins:54sec (46.41 kph) on this day !


Thanks Alain you’re too kind :slight_smile: The race of truth is such a great discipline. The perfect mix of training, tech, data and the ability to track your own personal improvement over time.

For those interested in TT tips, ways to make yourself faster without spending a pile of money there are a ton of great resources out there.

This is both hilarious and very informative:

TT warmups explained:

Simple aero hacks that work:

If anyone is interested in how to properly pace a TT let me know and I’ll be happy to share. It’s really rewarding when you nail it.

One great thing about TT’s is that they are also COVID safe with the right protocols. I sat on the OCA steering committee that discussed how to run events safely during COVID and we successfully ran our WCC TT series last year. This year we’ll see what happens given the variants (and our chief commie Kevin out with a knee injury)

We might look at Strava challenges on specific days/times instead.



Hey, don’t count me out!! I may be injured, but I can still operate a stop-watch.
If you want to run an officially timed TT let me know, I will have a person drive me to the start and I will time the event for you. I hope to be able to drive myself by the beginning of June though, so I can run these events again at your discretion.
With the current restrictions, I would recommend we run it the same way as last year, with reverse starting order – fastest first to reduce any passing. I would ask that everyone be masked at the start/finish while waiting to start… the mask can be removed while riding… but masks should be on at all times while at the start/finish to remain within the lockdown guidelines.
Let me know if you want to run a TT next week Chris!! I’m getting SOOOOO bored during this recovery faze and getting out to do some timing would be amazing.
See you all soon… hopefully!


So … putting on my really annoying Board of Directors hat now.

I am going to have to look into if we can organize an event like this. I don’t think that it is allowed under current Government of Ontario rules and under OCA rules/insurance.

Having said that, I saw an online article that the Government of Ontario is looking at allowing more “safe” outdoor activities and will be making an announcement some time next week. Keep your fingers crossed that they will be opening up more then just Golf and perhaps we can organize something soon.

There will apparently be an update from the OCA about what we are allowed to do on May 20th.

Unless Government of Ontario changes things though expect it to be same as now.

Thanks Kevin that’s great of you to offer!

Steven - Until this phase of the lockdown is over we can’t hold an event. If things revert to how they were before we would be fine unless OCA changes their rules. (I sat on the OCA committee last year for TT’s and we successfully held a series with modified rules. Hopefully a similar approach will be used this year)


Looking forward to the return of TT (when possible!). Last year before I joined the club it was the road TT that lured me in.



I think we will be able to do a TT – just not sure when. May 20th may be too early.

Polishing up :slight_smile: