Gravel TimeTrial

The past few days has seen plenty of activity on the club 's Gravel Time Trial course.

Here’s the course FYI:

And the Strava segment:

Friday afternoon Alex V tackled the course for his second time. (first time was back in November) He reported the course was in great shape, and that conclusion was backed up by him taking the KOM.

Then today, we’ve had 6 more riders on the course.

  • Chris Pippy and Lorie Cochrane tried it for he first time. Lorie took the QOM, and Chris took 3rd overall. I’m not sure if we’re really keeping track or not, but Chris does have the best “Mercx-style” time.

  • Other first attempts were by Ryan Grigg and Mike Patte, who slotted into 4th and 5th overall.

  • Joel Rose was out for his second go at the course, while Andrew Lambert cemented his grip on the Local legend with attempt no. 5. But more impressively, of course, he reclaimed the KOM from Alex after just one day. The KOM is now over 40 km/h, and sub 20 minutes…

The leaderboard is now up to 38 riders. Tomorrow is looking like another warm day with very little wind, who’s up to try it, or to maybe improve their existing time?

( :roll_eyes: looks like I gotta try harder if I want to get back in the top 10…)


Thanks for creating this course Kevin, it’s really a blast to ride! Definitely going to give it another crack. :slight_smile: Pretty sure on a GK slick tires and a less windy day I could improve on my Merckx time. We saw Andrew ripping the end of the course on his KOM run. He was flying!

I see Seb was out and improved his time significantly. Said the roads were in fantastic shape.
Maybe I should try my road bike. :wink:


That kinda goes against the spirit of the event but I guess it is anything goes! Haha :slight_smile:

That just means I need to find another gravel tt route thats more gnarly. :grin:🪨🚵‍♂

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I was riding part of it yesterday and thought my road bike might be the best choice right now. We will need to find a route that no matter what bike you are on, it’s the wrong bike at some point.


Yeah, I was considering if shortcutting the NotP2A route via Sideroad 11 and then back along Noah would work, but I don’t know the traffic rights-of-way. The closed bridge would certainly make things interesting if possibly slightly too sketchy…

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So full blow tt bike then… :wink:

@kevrideseverything @Davidwp and yesterday was the last chance for a road bike. They apparently regraded the second half of Posey this morning. Today was loose, soft, and wet!


Missed my only chance of maybe going as fast as you guys :wink:

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We sold a couple of bikes and have this new beauty for Lorie. She’s going to give it another crack later this season and compare times against her old 28 pound Opus :slight_smile:

She’ll be running Panaracer SS tires (32mm) and might be setup tubeless by that point.


Beauty paint. That’s a Caledonia, eh?

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It is :slight_smile: It’s the base 105 version and it is really really nice. I’ll pick away at upgrades for it over time for her. (wheels, bars, stem, seatpost etc)

It can fit fenders and has official tire clearance up to 34’s. I’m seriously considering one as well. (You can fit full size chainrings on it which is a real bonus for a true multipurpose bike)

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It takes fenders, please get one Chris :slight_smile:

And set it up tubeless!