Rec Gravel Ride on Thursday April 20th

Well I ended up buying a Norco Search on the weekend and I gave it a 28 Km test drive yesterday. It was amazing.

So I’d like to do a recreational gravel ride on Thursday April 20 at 6 pm and I’m wondering if anyone would be available for that.

Details to follow but probably between 20-25 km and “aim for” a “average speed” of 17-18 km/hr.

This would be an unofficial ride.


Hi Riders. We have decided to do an unofficial ride on Thursday, April 20 at 6 PM.

We are meeting at the Waterloo Town Centre in Uptown Waterloo. We are just going to do a recreational ride from uptown Waterloo to Grey Silo and probably around rim park and back down to the Waterloo town center.

The weather is not supposed to be great, so we decided to do local paved and gravel trails throughout the city and Grey Silo. Our best guess is approximately 20 to 24 km distance.

If you would like to join us, just let me know as we will meet in the Square of the Waterloo Town Centre at 5:45 and be ready to ride at 6 PM.

Thank you to @Bikedawn and Bill for coming out tonight. And a huge thank you to @justinlang for guiding us through some paved (mostly paved) local trails. It was windy tonight so staying on the trails helped to cut down on the wind.

We did about 28km (Dawn and Bill did more) at an average speed of 14 Km/hour.

I even remembered to take a picture when we were up near the new Rim Park pump park. We tried the beginner track for fun.

I’m going to try and organize a Rec gravel ride on Wednesday April 26th - stay tuned.