See notes below for update. Recreational gravel ride on Thursday May 4 at 6 pm

Hi there.
Anyone interested in doing a gravel ride on Thursday night? I’m open to route suggestions. I’m thinking 20 to 25 km distance and average 18 Km per hour speed.

This would be an unofficial ride so everyone welcome.

The only ride I know is the St Jacobs, Three Bridges, Martin creek loop. It’s about 21 km.

I’d be interested, although i haven’t done a gravel ride before. I have the choice between a mountain bike and a generic commuter bike. If you are still looking to go, would be open to have me join, and the weather cooperates, I’d be down to come

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Hi Karolina. It would be great if you joined the ride. Right now there is only 3 of us.

We have a few options for routes and depending on the width of your tires on your commuter bike, that might be the choice I would take if I were you.

For our rides, the terrain will usually have a mix of paved, gravel a little off road. Nothing too technical and because we are going at a reduced pace than the typical WCC gravel ride, you can take your time and we will not leave you.

If you are unsure what we mean by “gravel”, the best way to describe it is the unpaved farm roads around town or any unpaved trail that is not dirt. Lol.

Right now the weather looks dry and the wind light and the temperature around 10degrees C.

I will post again tomorrow about the route we decide to take. It will be approx 20 Km with an average speed of 16-18 Km/ hour.

Have a good night and I’ll post an update tomorriw.

I hope you can join us.


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awesome. I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates

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Just checking in. Did we decide on a route, and is the ride confirmed?

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Hi there! So the weather is looking pretty iffy. I don’t think we want to do the Saint Jacobs ride because it does have some off road and will be muddy.

I am still open to doing some kind of ride without any off-road trails. There are some good trails around Waterloo Region that are paved, so if anyone is interested in doing that with me, let me know.

Here is my cell phone number if you are interested in joining me tonight. I live in uptown Waterloo, so I would suggest meeting around Waterloo Park if anyone does want to join me.


Thanks for the update. I may need to sit this one out after all. Not feeling all too well this afternoon and am off to nap. I will let you know if anything changes. Thank you for organizing and ill try to come out to future rides

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OK, feel better. I think we are riding on Saturday morning and we will post an unofficial ride location tomorrow at some point.

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Hi there. How are you feeling?

I just thought I would let you know that we are going to do a recreational gravel ride tomorrow (Sat) morning.

We are meeting in St Jacobs at 9:15 am and riding by 9:30

Here is our route. We are just going to take our time and enjoy the ride and scenery. Hope you can join us.