“Recreational” Gravel ride Thurs Apr 13

I am just in the middle of working with two members to set up an unofficial recreational gravel ride on Thursday, April 13.
More details to follow, but we are looking at a 6 PM start somewhere in Waterloo.
We will aim for a 25 km distance with a pace of 18 to 20 km an hour.
So… If you are looking for an adventure, without killing yourself, this is the ride you want to be on. Lol.
Come out and get some exercise, enjoy the weather and maybe meet some new faces.
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Hi Patti, I’d be interested in joining your ride. Please let me know when and where you’re meeting and I’ll try to join. Thanks for organizing this! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok great. We are going to meet in St Jacobs on Thursday. I will be there about 5:45 PM so we can start around 6 PM. I am going to confirm the exact location on a separate email but here is the route that we are going to take.

I am also not sure of the conditions of the off-road part of this route, so it might turn into an adventure, if we run into mud or unexpected water.

My cell number is (226) 203-4111


Looks good! See you there, thanks.

Hi everyone. We are going to do the St.Jacobs/Three Bridges/Martin Creek loop on Thursday at 6 PM. Aim to meet on Benjamin Road “across” the street from the Holiday Inn Express in front of the Tootsie/ Spanner doors at St Jacobs Market for 5:45 pm.

This is an unofficial ride, and currently I have three riders coming along with me. Our speed will be approximately 18 km/h with a distance of 19.6 km. It should be a relaxing/recreational ride. Hopefully the trails are not too muddy. Lol

Thanks, it will be nice to get out with some folks that night. I updated the post, but just to clarify, we should aim to meet at 5:45 in front of the tootsies/spanner doors just off of Benjamin Road near the farmers market Road.

See you on Thursday.


5:45 meetup, got it! Thanks again and see you there.

Just an fyi that the gates are still up at the bridge on Three Bridges. I was there today and there were engineers inspecting for damage from the recent flooding. They let me walk my bike across but they did tell me the bridge will likely be closed to traffic for a couple of weeks…

Ok thanks.
I went there today too and I talk to a couple of guys that look like engineers in a truck. They told me the bridge was open to bikes and foot traffic.

I’ll do more research before Thursday.

Thanks for the note.


Here is the route for Thursday evening. We might need to tweak it if the bridge is closed.

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Hi everyone. I drove down to the three bridges last night, and walked the bridge. There was no sign saying no foot or bike traffic, so I think we will be OK for tonight. Plus they put new gravel down on King St., North, but it was packed down yesterday when I drove that part of the route as well.
Dawn Frier drove the Martin Creek part yesterday, and said it looked good as well.
So the weather is going to be beautiful and it looks like the wind should be manageable later today.

I’m looking forward to having everyone out. Right now I think we have seven riders in total.

The meet up time is still 5:45pm, in St Jacobs in the tootsies/spanner parking lot, and I hope we will be on the road by 6 PM.

Again, this is an “unofficial” Waterloo cycling club recreational gravel ride.

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I would be joining the ride tonight if that’s okay.


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That’s awesome.

Well…. We or should I say “I” did it. There was no doubt my fellow riders were going to breeze through this ride, but I won’t lie, it was a little challenging for me at times.
My riding time was 1:23 min with an average speed of 16.7 Km/hr. - slower than my estimate of 18 Km/hr.
The weather was amazing and although I felt the wind on the farm roads, I know it could have been a lot worse.
I want to thank @Bikedawn for leading us and keeping the pace manageable for me.
I also want to thank @ivaning and @devg for joining us and for your camaraderie.
I’m taking the suggestion of getting a lighter weight bike and will be looking for something in the coming week.
I would also like to thank my son @justinlang for joining us and helping to provide a little wind shield for me on the farm roads.

I wish I had a picture to share, but I’ll leave that for the next ride.



Thanks for organizing and thanks for the great write up :slight_smile: Looking forward to joining you on more rides this year :smile: :biking_man:


Thanks for organizing a fun gravel ride to start the season! Volunteers like you make the club better. :grinning: