Saturday May 13 - recreational ride added

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I have posted a recreational gravel ride for Saturday, May 13, starting at 9:30 AM in Saint Jacobs. We will be riding approximately 40 km with an

average pace of 18 km/h.

This is a good ride for anybody not wanting to be too speedy.

I have not been out on a ride yet.
Do I have to sign up anywhere, or just show up?
Thanks, Barb


Hi barb,
On the “CLUB RIDE NOTICES” forum, where my actual ride is posted, if you scroll down on my post, there are a couple of buttons. You can click on going or not going or interested.
That will let me know that you’re that you have seen the post and what your response is. If you click on going, you will get updates sent to you through this website. Otherwise, my cell phone number is 226-203-4111, and if you let me know you are going, then I will text you the details if that makes it easier for you.

Does that make sense to you? Feel free to call or text me if you have any questions.

I have a road bike, how much gravel is involved? Would love to join but don’t want to gunk up my bike…

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Hi Doris. When I look at the route on Ride With GPS it indicates that 48% of track is paved and 52% is unpaved.

From my experience, which is very limited, the unpaved is typically a gravel country road. We haven’t had hardly any off road sections.

However, I have not done this route myself, so I am tagging @Bikedawn and @bill for their feedback with regards to a road bike on this route.

I used to have a road bike several years ago, and if I were to choose based on my road bike/ability, I would still come on this ride.

But let’s see what Dawn and Bill have to say as they are familiar with the route.

Sound ok?

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Hi again

I’m told that your tires should be minimum 28mm as there is loose gravel on the roads.

Do you know know how wide your tires are?

Great Ride Patti! Great conversations too.

Butter tart achieved!

And trilliums!