Saturday June 5th Gravel Flybys

Hopefully we will be able to organize formal club rides in the very near future. In the meantime here is a flyby route for tomorrow. The full route out to Millbank is 90K but there are several options to shorten the route to your liking. A strong west wind is forecast. The rail trail should offer some protection on the way out and then a fast run back.

Linwood Millbank Milverton flybys - A bike ride in Waterloo, Ontario (


Correction. The full route goes to Milverton not Millbank.

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When facing a headwind for a few hours, one starts to question their reason for cycling. Then they wonder why they followed the route when the rail trail was right there.

After a lot of soul searching (and wondering if any farmers would fit a motor on my bike) and some cursing of Jim’s route (even though his write-up included the wind warning lol), I finally made it to my choosen turn around point, I was glad to be done with riding at 15km/hr feeling like walking would be faster.

After all my internal complaining, I came to conclusion that headwinds and gravel roads are better than having to deal with cars and narrow “bike lanes” or shoulders of a busy road.

Anyone going on the G2G Trail, I recommend planning a stop at the G2G Millbank rest. This little respite was made by the parents of club member, Faction racer and triathlete extraordinaire Jessica.


The rest stop looks amazing but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it. Where exactly is it located?

I think it only got put up this year.
Here’s the location:
G2G millbank reststop