Wednesday Casual Gravual - route for May 12th

Our weekend gravel flyby routes have been reasonably popular, so I figure let’s try a weeknigh ride as well. So taking the place of the winter “Wednesday Casual Fatties” is now “Wednesday Casual Gravual”.

Just like the weekend rides, this is a “do it at your own pace, when you want” kind of deal. I figure most of the usual suspects will be hitting the route somewhere between 4:30 and 6:30. The route doubles back on itself a fair bit, so plenty of opportunities to see others out and about even if you’ve started a fair ways apart.


Looks good I’m In. Should be leaving the market at 4:45


Leaving at 6:00.

Probably leaving out the “Kevin Infinity Loop” (KIL) in the middle. :infinity:

Looks like it’ll be extremely windy today. I’ll probably try but I doubt I’ll be getting through the whole route.

It is soooo windy!

Gloriously sunny and clear tonight.

3 fly-bys…Drew, Jim & Thiago.


Looks like Kevin “Pulled a Gibson” last night by cramming 113km into a 72km ride. Haven’t found his off switch yet.

Ha ha, looks like I just missed about 3 or 4 flybys, mostly because I started after a lot of folks out there, but I had a good excuse. I was checking out the market at the Crowsfoot Smokehouse.

Perhaps it was the cookie and muffin that made me keep going. Also I got a lovely sunset to watch.

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Been a machine lately ^ Can I borrow some motivation @kevrideseverything ?

#True. :point_up_2:

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No queue jumping for motivation, get in line @Davidwp :joy: